The Multifunctional 2013 Honda CR-Z (US-Version)

The Multifunctional 2013 Honda CR-Z (US-Version)

Honda manufacturer will release yet another great car model on November 21, 2012 – the Honda CR-Z for the US market. This strong automobile is refined with newer design, but most importantly with a Lithium-Ion battery pack for powerful experience.

The 16-inch alloy wheels received a newer finish, and there are two new colors to suit customers’ needs: Polished Metal Metallic and Passion Berry Pearl. Expanded View Driver’s Mirror, 6-speaker Audio System, Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, automatic climate control, remote entry and many others represent the standard Honda CR-Z 2013 equipment.

Honda-CR-Z US-Version 2013 01

If you want to enjoy the sportiness of this car, as well as the many updates in technology and driving experience, you’d have to pay a starting price of $19, 975. This goes for both 2013 models – the basic Honda CR-Z and the sporty CR-Z EX. One of the many features for these cars include: HID (High-Intensity Discharge Headlights, LED DRL (daytime running lights), 6-speed manual transmission and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in addition etc.

The EX model also comes with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation, Pandora Interface and other minor features. Also as an addition, drivers may experience the Plus Sport System for adrenaline driving.

Honda-CR-Z US-Version 2013 04

One of the greatest characteristics of the CR-Z is the Lithium-Ion battery pack that plays several roles for producing energy in the car. For instance, it helps increase EPA-rated fuel economy by 1 mpg city in models with CVT and 1 mpg highway for 6-speed manual transmission models. Honda’s signature Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) was used to create the potent Honda CR-Z hybrid where the electric motor is used to help during acceleration and when breaking to generate energy for recharging the Lithium-Ion battery pack. The fuel engine may be turned off automatically and thus fuel efficiency to be achieved.

The Plus Sport System mode may be activated if the battery is charged above 50% and the CR-Z has reached over 19 miles per hour. This ensures up to 5 seconds greater acceleration. This system may be used in Sport, Normal or Econ modes. The Sport mode is characterized by electric motor power assist and electric power steering effort; normal mode encompasses the standard driving features; and Econ mode is all about fuel efficiency.

Honda-CR-Z-US Version 2013 05

The Honda CR-Z exterior comes in several colors: Milano Red, Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, North Shore Blue Pearl, Passion Berry Pearl (special for Honda CR-Z) and Polished Metal Metallic. 2013 models have 16×6-inch aluminum wheels. As to the interior, Honda designers put great effort into redesigning the old interior. The dashboard is constructed so as to be even more visible to the driver and the seats are especially created to form a sporty feeling without reducing comfort.

Along all these features, a vehicle would be nothing without safety. For Honda CR-Z this is a matter of dedication. It is equipped with ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body that is designed to protect passengers in case of frontal crash. In addition there are also different types of airbags placed on multiple locations in the car, then the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System and others. With these safety measures, Honda CR-Z received a top safety ranking by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

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