Subaru BRZ STI Available Next Spring

Subaru BRZ STI Available Next Spring

The new Subaru BRZ STI is expected to see the light of day in Spring 2013 and will cost approximately £27, 000. The L.A. Auto Show was the host of the Subaru BRZ STI concept, but the actual model will reach the Japanese market in spring, and then Europe and US.

Subaru BRZ STI 01

The new model will not come with turbocharge as a result of engine bay space limitations, because the intercooler cannot fit in. Consequently, power will be 230 hp (171 kW). Springs and dampers will also undergo upgrade, alongside 18-inch alloy wheels and 4-piston STI brakes.

Upgrades are also expected on the grille and the model will have new side skirts, a front lip spoiler and a large rear wing. Other upgrades will also be found in the cabin.

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