Hyundai HB20 2013

Hyundai HB20 2013

If you are a passionate lover of high-tech automobiles, here is what we have for you: the newly launched  Hyundai  HB20 produced by the Hyundai Motor Brasil. The so called compact hatchback will start its produce on the 20th September this year and everybody interested can buy it in the very beginning of October.

For Hyundai, which is undeniably among the top rated car brands in the world, this new Brazilian-market-intended car is to change the view of Brasilians when it comes to small cars. Produced to satisfy the needs of the driving conditions in the country and people`s taste Hyundai HB20 is completely different model in comparison to other models offered in Brasil. This can be proved by the fact that all nine versions of the car will come together with a package of items from the very start. People driving it will enjoy in hydraulic power steering, dual front airbags, air-conditioning, a spoiler with a build-in brake lights, a rear windshield wiper and storage compartments for all passengers.

What does HB20 stand for? I`m sure you already guess that HB means Hyundai Brasil and 20 shows the company`s characterization of vehicles of this type.
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Since we are all aware of the sensitivity towards design perfection, 5 years of hard work were needed for the production of the stylish HB20. I`m sure you will be amazed by the flowing lines and the quality of assembly once you see it.The stylishness, modernity and exclusivity cannot be but noticed. “Appearances can be deceiving“ is not applicable when it comes to HB20. Its interiority may include even more sophisticated elements such as metallic and leather covered parts. But who needs another nice-to-look at car if it ain`t guarantee any comfort. Thus the low noise and vibration level together with the spacious interior where you can easily stretch and relax provide you comfort for sure.

But we have to say that this new release is not just feast for the eye since a maximum security is guaranteed.
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If you ask yourself how the car works, the answer is pretty simple: it comes with 3 powertrains, manual gearbox and automatic transmission. The manual gearbox is easy and fast to control and it provides 5 gears. The automatic option has 4 gears and the transitions from one to another gear is very smooth, you might not even notice it. Flex-fuel engine is what all versions have. The 1.0L model has 3 cylinders which leads to better use of energy thus it lowers the costs and reduces the pollution. The 1.6L version has 4 cylinders and emits 23% more power that the normal version.

This is not everything from HB family since crossover and sedan will be launched during 2013.  All will be produced at the Hyundai`s Piracicaba plant which guarantees an increase in the employment levels.

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