How to Treat and Report a Whiplash Claim After Filing a Report

How to Treat and Report a Whiplash Claim After Filing a Report

Whiplash Claim

Whiplash is a serious concern for those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, particularly those who have been hit from the rear. While it is not actually a medical term, whiplash describes a variety of injuries to the neck that result from sudden unexpected impact. These injuries typically involve strain on the nerves, muscles, and bones in the neck, which is one of the more vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to auto accidents. If you’ve been involved in an accident such as this, it is of the utmost importance that you know how to treat your injuries and handle your whiplash claim after filing a report.

A police report should be filed after any car accident, so don’t simply write off your collision as a case of bad luck if you don’t feel any injuries or notice any significant damage to your car. Many motorists make this mistake and suffer the consequences of it in the aftermath of their accidents. The thing about whiplash that can make these claims difficult to handle is that symptoms of injury may not show up for days after the incident. Always consider the possibility of an injury even if you don’t feel hurt, and file a police report after a collision.

One of the first things you should do after any kind of collision is seek medical attention as soon as possible. As stated above, you may not feel any symptoms of injury right away, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Your body releases endorphins in situations like this that block out pain. As soon as possible after the accident, see a doctor to have yourself examined for possible injuries sustained, and follow every medical recommendation to the letter. If your doctor recommends staying home from work, stay home. If you are prescribed any medication or a neck brace, use them.

In order to be compensated for your injuries, you will usually need legal help. There are many lawyers out there who specialize in personal injury and have lots of experience in whiplash claims, so find a good attorney to help you in your claim. If you’ve followed all of the above instructions, filing a police report, seeing a doctor, and following all medical recommendations, you are in good shape for your claim. Some parties may be willing to settle, allowing you to avoid the court room, while others may need to go in front of a judge. Whatever happens, follow your attorney’s advice.

Treating and recovering from a whiplash claim is mostly a matter of procedure. Filing a police report establishes the legitimacy of your collision. Seeing a doctor brings a medical professional’s opinion into your case. Following the advice of your doctor and attorney makes sure that you don’t make any missteps that could cost you your claim. This will all help you establish the best possible case, gain compensation for your troubles and injuries, and avoid becoming a helpless victim.

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