Honda N-one (2013)

Honda N-one (2013)

Japan will be the first country to witness the launching and manufacturing of the third vehicle of Honda`s N-Series- Honda N-one.

Honda N One 2013 01

What are the basic characteristics of the Honda N-one model? It is similar to the mini-passenger car produced in 1967 only enhanced. It incorporates the M/M concept- man maximum machine minimum. It is expected to become one of the most popular cars in Japan.

Honda N One 2013 02

There is enough room for four adults in the new Honda N-one. The handling is smooth and the driving performance guarantees maximum security and stability. This comes as a result of the light weight of the vehicle, highly rigid body and suspension brought to perfection. The car is characterized by extremely low fuel consumption.  All types include the Emergency Stop Signal System.

Except for the N-one model there is a N-one Premium model. It is characterized by its uniqueness in terms of the interior and the exterior. The customers can choose between 11 different finishes and five two-tone  styles.

In terms of the exterior, the car looks rather friendly. The hatchback style of the N360 is adopted and there are 5 different two-tone style offered to satisfy the needs of different customers. The interior is simple and comfortable. The comfort is guaranteed by the high-quality materials. The audio system is connected to the navigation system.

The engine is DOHC Turbo and it guarantees safe driving and perfect handling. The average fuel consumption is 27.0 km/L.

What makes the new Honda N-one one of the safest mini cars ever built? There is an Emergency Stop Signal system which is enabled by the high-quality and responsive brakes. The Vehicle Stability Assist and Hill start Assist system are also part of the basic model.  The Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body is also adopted. In case of a collision or accident, the airbag systems at the front side and side curtain will immediately respond.

When it comes to the environmental issue, it is important to mention that 90% of the vehicle is recyclable.

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