Four Totally Random Reasons to Buy a New Car

Four Totally Random Reasons to Buy a New Car

Buying a new car this days can be a real financial nightmare. Due to the world economic crisis banks are now more careful and  they show a signs of fear when regular Joe step in and ask for car finance.

 There are several reasons why you can make a decision to buy a new car:

 1. Fuel prices: You have a decade old truck or SUV which is gas guzzling animal. A 15 or 20 miles per gallon do not sound very smart this days. Ten, even five years ago you and most of the people had no problems to fill the tank every week. Now with the sky rocketing prices of the gasoline it seems buying a new car with new generation efficient motor is a good financial decision. Most of the new cars can go 40 miles per gallon. If you thinking about a new hybrid car with 60 or even 70 miles per gallon  this can be a really win-win situation.

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Buying a hybrid or even electric car can save you at least two visits to the gas station. Also many countries and states in USA have incentives for the drivers who are purchasing an electric or hybrid car.So lets make the simple math: More money left in your pocket means more money to deal with your financial future. The most important factor in the equitation is to find a really affordable car finance. With an incentive from the government and affordable car loan, purchasing of a new environment friendly car can be a real deal.

 2. Your car was damaged: Hundreds of thousands cars are damaged or completely destroyed in a natural accident every year. Most of the people do not know this fact, but only this year millions of cars were flooded by the hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters around the globe. A few days in the water and your car is ready for scrap yard. the only smart move is to sell your car and buy a new one.

3. Your neighbor bought a new car. Most of the people are buying a new cars without any rational reason. The biggest reason for buying a new car can be triggered by what is going on in your closest surrounding. What other people are doing and how they act is a big reason how we are going to act regarding similar issues. People (read males) are always competitive and cars are signs and symbols about our success in the business, neighborhood or other social environments.

4. Middle age crisis. It is somehow connected to the third reason, but in this reason is not only the status but also about the prestige and enjoying the fruits of thair success. People in the mid forties know where they are standing. In this age, most of the people already have some financial stability and now they can afford to spend more on their personal wishes. In this age and with a proven financial status and history there is a big chance to find excellent car finance deals. So this reason do not need to be bad at all. People who do something good for themselves are more healthier and happier than people who are worrying too much and do not like to spend some extra money to feel better.

I hope this article was interesting and informational. If you thing I am not right or have to say something You are more than welcome to drop us a comment.


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