Fly Your Way to Freedom with Smart forjeremy Concept

Fly Your Way to Freedom with Smart forjeremy Concept

Who knew that fashion and car engineering complemented each other? A verified proof for a good collaboration between fashion designers and car designers brings the Smart forjeremy, a car that will be launched in 2013 as a limited edition, but was first presented at the L.A. Auto Show 2012. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott and smart fortwo created an electric car that is a symbol for freedom and creativity ready for adventure; thus the wings as a trademark of Jeremy Scott.

Smart forjeremy Concept 01

While car manufacturers only collaborate with fashion designers only regarding the interior design, this Smart forjeremy Concept was the first time a fashion designer was allowed to influence changes regarding the exterior design. As much as it is unusual for a car to have wings, here, the wings represent a symbol of freedom rather than functionality. In addition, we’re talking about an electric car, which means weightlessness is a priority, in every sense of the word. The designer was dedicated to creating transparency and according to his vision the wings were made from rocket-shaped transparent fiberglass with a stylish feeling. They serve as rear and brake lights as well and to complete the lightness, the car is painted bright white in both the interior and exterior for ensuring maximum joy and good mood. In addition to the wings, the wheel rims have been designed to resemble airplane propellers making the car look as if it will take off.

Smart forjeremy Concept 02

The whiteness and lightness of the Smart forjeremy Concept give out a sense of luxury. For the interior, white nappa leather was the perfect fit for seats, door trim, instrument panel and even the steering wheel while chrome surfaces on the main door and on other minor elements make the white color look even brighter.

As for environmental friendliness, the Smart forjeremy is no less than friendly. Completely electric, its 55 kW electric engine reaches maximum speed of 78 mph (125 km/h). One 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery gives the car ability to travel 145 km in city and 122 MPGe without producing any emission.

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