Finding the Right Driving Instructor for Your Teen

Finding the Right Driving Instructor for Your Teen

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that you were pushing your child in a stroller and now it’s time to actually look into driving schools so that they can get behind the wheel in a car. When it comes to hiring a professional driving instructor, it really is a smart route to take because it insures that your child will get all of the knowledge that they need to be a safe driver on the road, plus it also provides you with a nice discount now that you’re about to add your teen to your car insurance policy.

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Yet, as you are weighing out your options about what kind of school and instructor to go with, it’s a good idea to take a few important things into consideration before making your final decision. We have added five of them here:

Do your research. When you’re shopping for just about anything, rarely is it a good idea to ever go with the first “thing” that you come across. This would apply to driving schools and instructors as well. As you’re checking out options, make sure that the school is accredited and the instructors are licensed to teach. It’s also smart to look for referrals by either checking for comments on their website or calling as asking if they have any referrals upon request.

Cross reference with your local DMV. There is a large majority of DMVs that actually have a website that will provide you with a list of approved driver’s education courses. This is good to know because you don’t want to go with someone who markets themselves as having the ability to get your child to pass the road test as opposed to teaching your teen good driving skills.

Speak with your teen’s school. Due to the fact that high school is the time in a teen’s life where they are learning how to drive, there are many schools that have connections to driving schools and personal driving instructors. Some even have references to an online tutor who can teach the initial information needed to pass the written part of the driving test. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Make sure that you get what you pay for. When you’re paying for a service, as a customer, you should definitely make sure that you’re satisfied. When it comes to picking the right kind of school and/or instructor, make sure that they provide plenty of on-the-road training and that you are able to check the equipment (such as training cars and computer systems) upon request. Also, it’s a good idea that you speak with the person instructing your teen directly before their first lesson just so that you can have your own peace of mind.

Confirm that your child is comfortable. Your teen is one of the most precious forms of cargo that you have. Therefore, you need them to feel calm, safe and confident when they are behind the wheel of a car that they are not familiar with and/or with someone that they don’t know. After the first lesson or two, if your child is not at ease, do not be hesitant in looking for another instructor. Your teen is there to learn and so they need to do it in the best setting possible.

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  1. It is very necessary to find the professional instructors as they have the right knowledge and experience. As there is a theory test with practical test at the time of driving license. So it is right if you find such a driving instructors that will offer you both the courses combined and integrated tuition having both the theoretical and practical training. Make sure that the driving instructors or the company should be approved and registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Driving Instructors should never shout and if you found such a situation then I suggest you to find another Instructor.