<title> Audi R8 Beautified by Regula Tuning</title>

Audi R8 Beautified by Regula Tuning

Audi R8 gets a beauty treatment by Regula Tuning, even though the car has always been impressive, inside and out. The new “grandiose” body kit costs €7, 698 and is made of aromatic polyamide also known as aramid fibers. The car has also been upgraded with new mesh grille inserts and new front bumper, a spoiler and ventilated rear fascia and Oxigin wheels – 20-inch total (8.5 inches wide at the front and 11 inches at the rear). To enhance performance, manufacturers offer a €1, 398 package that makes the V8 engine produce 560 horse powers.

Audi R8 by Regula Tuning (1)


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