Audi A6 Black Edition (2013)

Audi A6 Black Edition (2013)

What comprises the new Audi Black Edition? The Audi  A6 Saloon, Avant and A7 Sportblack are the three new models by Audi now available in Black Edition. They offer a combination of good style and even better performance. Save at least 36.010£ if you want to buy the basic model of the Black Edition.

Audi A6 Black Edition (2013) 01

What are the basic characteristics of the Black Edition models? The first thing that cannot be but noticed are the alloy wheels with dark titanium finish. The A6 Saloon and Avant offer 20inch alloy wheels unlike the Sportback which offers 21inch alloy wheels. When it comes to grille and the surrounding around the number plate, they are both in black finish. There is also privacy glass extending from the B-pillar rearwards. Black roof rails can be found on the A6 Avant. The word Black in the Black Edition originates from these black details.

Audi A6 Black Edition (2013) 02

The interior is all about darkness (in a positive note). The inlays of the sports seats are Piano Black and the sport seats themselves are covered with black leather. When it comes to the equipment, the Saloon and Avant models have been upgraded by a BOSE surround system, digital radio and Audi Music Interface which enables a Bluetooth connection. In the A7 Sportback the AMI and DAB (digital radio) come as standard from SE specification and above and it receives the surround system upgrade.

All the models in the Black edition are characterized by meticulously crafted details both in the exterior and the interior, light and rain sensors, Xenon headlight for all seasons, LED rear lights, Audi Drive Select, Audi parking system and keyless go. To the A7 Sportback, tailgate operation, front seats that are electrically adjustable and powered retractable rear spoiler are added.

When it comes to the engine the powerful 3.0L Bi turbo diesel engine is available with all the Black Edition models. It offers 313PS and 650Nm of torque. All the models from the A6 Black Edition with the exception of the S6 model can choose specification from 2.0L TDI upwards and can choose between all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. All versions are also available for the A7 Sportback with the exception of front-wheel-drive 3.0L TDI and the S7 Sportback.

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