7 Auto Insurance Discounts You Don’t Know about

7 Auto Insurance Discounts You Don’t Know about

Auto insurance can sometimes feel like a necessary evil. It can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. However, if you make smart choices, you can save a bundle on your premium. Think about buying a particularly safe model or only use your car when absolutely necessary to keep your mileage down. You can also save money by manipulating your deductible or adjusting your policy. Depending on your coverage needs and budget, it might make sense to change which types of protection you purchase or to alter your coverage limits. And always shop around for free car insurance quotes to see whether there’s a better deal out there.

Auto Insurance Discounts

If you’ve taken all of these steps but still feel like your premium is too expensive, it’s time to look into discounts. Insurance providers offer a wide range of savings opportunities. Most are very easy to obtain and require little action on your part.

Online document signing

Signing your insurance documents online is easy, and it can make you eligible for savings on your insurance. Many insurance providers offer this option because it cuts down on paperwork. You’ll be able to access your documents with your online account and you won’t receive as much mail.


If your household owns multiple vehicles, you should seriously consider insuring both cars with the same provider. Multi-car discounts are widely available and they boost the value of your premium and policy.


Home-auto discounts are similar to multi-car discounts in that they increase the value of your payments. If you’re a homeowner, you probably already have a home insurance policy. Look into insuring both your car and your home with the same insurance carrier to achieve price reductions on both.

CAPTION: Save on your premiums when you bundle home and car insurance.

Pay in full

Paying your premium in full makes life easier for you and your insurance provider. Your carrier gets your payment right away, and you don’t have to worry about a monthly bill. As thanks, some carriers offer discounts for customers who pay their premium in full.

Good grades

Car insurance can be quite pricey for young motorists. Luckily, some insurance providers offer discounts for teen drivers who maintain a good GPA.

Defensive driving

Insurance carriers benefit from fewer accidents. Do your wallet a favor by taking a defensive driving course.

Safety features

Equipping your car with safety features has two benefits: one that’s obvious and one that’s less so. By installing safety devices, you’re preserving the well-being of you and your vehicle. In addition, you’re possibly qualifying yourself for a considerable discount on your auto insurance premium. Things such as airbags and seatbelts come standard with many vehicles. Other features, such as active and passive anti-theft devices, also might qualify you for a discount. If you’re looking to upgrade your wheels, keep this information in mind and seriously consider auto-theft tracking or an alarm system. Antilock brakes are also frequently rewarded with savings on insurance.

Available discounts vary by state and insurance carrier. The best way to determine whether you qualify is simply picking up the phone and calling your insurance agent. Ask if you are eligible for these savings opportunities or any other discounts that might be offered by your provider.

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