2013 Lexus SL EU-Version

2013 Lexus SL EU-Version

The brand name Lexus has always been a synonym for luxury and comfort at the same time. Well-chosen stylistic approach together with new technologies and unparalleled cabin quietness has made Lexus an icon that’s been on the road for 23 years and counting. Since it first launched in 2006, the LS has underwent a series of updates. This new LS 2013 sedan itself has undergone around 3000 alterations.

The exterior design of the Lexus LS is nothing more than elegance, style and smoothness representing luxury. It comes in 10 colors, and three of them (White Nova, Sonic Silver and Fire Agate) are new. The interior, of course, complements the exterior as it is appropriate for a vehicle of this dimension. It responds to the driver’s needs, not neglecting the passengers’ needs, thus paying great attention to comfort. Interior colors are Ivory, Saddle Tan, Mellow White, Light Grey and Black, as well as the new Topaz Brown.

Lexus LS EU Version 2013 01

Lexus has been known for cabin quietness and it is entirely crafted to achieve it. The 2013 LS comes with noise-reduction wheels that channel resonant noise, giving the vehicle peacefulness at all times, types of roads and weathers. It also comes with the Climate Concierge climate control also known as Multi-Zone Automatic Climate Control controlling all points in the vehicle individually and in accordance with the occupants’ needs. To illuminate the interior, Lexus designers installed the world’s first AIS (Advanced Illumination System). No vehicle would be complete without a good sound system. Lexus LS is equipped with a Premium Surround Sound System with 10 speakers and 9-channel digital amplifier. To keep the passengers on the back seats entertained, the LS features a Blu-Ray Rear Seat Entertainment System with a DVD/CD player and 9-inch screen to make the home theater experience even more extraordinary. Rear seat passengers can also enjoy the luxury of relaxing while riding in the car. There is a Rear Seat Relaxation System which offers a vibration massage and an air-assisted massage focusing on passenger’s shoulders, hips and back. Also, there are advanced massage techniques, one of which is lower black and shoulder Shiatsu acupressure.

Lexus LS EU Version 2013 02

The 2013 LS model is available as all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. It also comes with Electric Power Steering with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) to make the steering experience smoother and more improved. Almost all newly produced cars use Drive Modes. Lexus LS has five – NORMAL, ECO, COMFORT, ECO, SPORT S and SPORT S+, all according to the type of driver. If LS is not equipped with AVS, it comes with three drive modes: NORMAL, ECO and SPORT. Lexus LS is a powerful vehicle due to the improved V8 engine (4.6 l) and Full Hybrid Powertrain Efficiency.

Lexus LS EU Version 2013 08

Many things on the 2013 Lexus LS are brand new, but the F SPORT package is a true innovation. Specifically designed for adrenaline lovers, it offers them a unique driving experience. 19-inch wheels, 6-piston Brembo brakes and 7 exterior colors, with White Nova being exclusively made for the F SPORT. Inside, there are two color schemes available:  Black and Mellow White and Black and White Grey. The full name is LS 460 F SPORT and is a rear-wheel drive.

Lexus LS EU Version 2013 07

Safety is crucial for all cars, but for Lexus LS it goes beyond crucial. It has the A-PCS (Advanced Pre-Crash Safety) System and the AHS (Adaptive High-Beam) System, LKA (Lane-Keep Assist) System and improved BSM (Blind-Spot Monitor) as well as Lexus Night View.

All these features, and many, many more contributed for the 2013 Lexus LS to receive significant global awards each new generation, reflecting with remarkable quality and style to make the LS truly unique.

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