Which Convertibles Are Most Popular In The UK? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which Convertibles Are Most Popular In The UK? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Convertibles are a popular seller in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all purchased brand new (after all some of the top end Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Rolls Royce’s and McLaren’s will set you back a considerable sum of cash if purchased brand new). Second-hand car sales are big business, right through from used family estates to top-of-the-line supercars costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But how many used convertibles are sold in the UK each year? Has the average price increased or dropped in recent years? What’s the most popular convertible make? To help give an insight into some of the answers to these questions, online car dealer VCARS have produced this fantastic infographic, examining the number of convertibles sold through their website in the last few years.

Apart from the most expensive used convertibles section – which had me drooling – I found the section on most popular makes and models particularly interesting. In the last couple of years, Mercedes were running away with the title of most popular, with the SLK in particular selling very well. The Mazda MX5 was also consistently in the top three, selling scores of models every year through the VCARS website. In 2011/12 however, both of these (as well models offered by BMW) have been quickly overtaken by the Audi TT, which accounted for well over 20% of the convertible sales on the website in that 12 month period.

What do you think of the information above? Can you think of a more worthy winner of the best convertible in 2011/12 than the Audi TT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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