Tips for Dads: Teaching Kids About Car Maintenance

Tips for Dads: Teaching Kids About Car Maintenance

The excitement of owning a first car can be overwhelming for young adults, especially if they hadn’t had the chance to drive their parents’ car.  With car ownership however comes a huge responsibility to ensure that the car is in good running condition and to be prepared for the emergencies that arise on the road all the time.  It is essential that a dad teaches his kids how to carry out the basic maintenance of a car from a young age to prepare them early enough for the time they will have cars of their own.

There are many things that one may overlook when preparing a kid for car ownership that later prove to be crucial.  In this post, I have a list of the top 5 maintenance and repair tasks that a dad must teach their kids as early as when they are in school.  Note that although some of these tasks such as changing tires and jump starting a car require a grown up to perform, most of them do not need one to be a qualified driver to know.

kid changing oil

1) Changing Oil

The first few times you show your kid how to change car oil, you will have to closely supervise the process and ensure that they do it right.  You may need to explain to them how important checking oil regularly is, and why it is never wise to ignore the oil light on the dashboard.  Remember to explain that there are hazards to oil change such as spills and heat and what to do in case of spillage.

2) Checking air filter

This is one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks in a car.  Air filters play a crucial role in cleaning air entering the engine for combustion and it is important that there is no dust blocking the air flow.  The location of the air filter vary in cars but the principles behind their operations are universal, make sure that your son or daughter knows how to check, clean or change it.

3) Using jumper cables, battery level and jump-starting

No one ever expects the car to just stall because of low battery, but it often happens in the most unexpected situations.  Therefore, teaching your kid about jumper cables, how to check battery level, cleaning the battery and jump-starting a car when the battery is low may prove beneficial to them some day.

girl starting the engine

4) Checking tire pressure and changing the tire

Checking tire pressure may be one of the easiest and fun maintenance tasks, but changing the tires is a whole different story.  But everyone needs to know how to change tires. Tire bursts is one of the most common issue drivers face on the road.  Remind your boy or girl to always check tire pressure at least once a month and the benefits of properly inflated tires such as safety and saving fuel.

5) Keeping records

Keeping records is a form of car maintenance.  Teaching your kids that records are crucial to the performance of the car and avoidance of issues on the road may save their lives someday.  Teach them the importance of writing down numbers and dates such as the date of next oil change and car servicing.

As a final point, kids should always be shown the right way to wash the car and keep it clean.  This includes cleaning the interiors and glass windows and how to wash the engine parts right at home.  Most car owners today assume that they need to drive to the car wash and pay someone to clean the engine parts and car interior but this is something you can teach your kid to do on a Sunday.

About the Author:

James McDonnel contributed this guest post. James is an automotive enthusiast and a freelance writer. His articles mainly appear online on auto publications. He recently drive a tank at Wish and it was one of the best experiences in his life

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