The Biggest Car Collectors in the US

The Biggest Car Collectors in the US

The history and evolution of the automobile are intrinsically connected to the American mind. Ever since the invention of the assembly line and the mass production of Henry Ford’s cars after the turn of the century, Americans have been nuts for cars of all types. Large sport utility vehicles are popular with families who need to shuttle around loads of children and groceries. Sports cars are the engine of choice for racing enthusiasts and thrill seekers. And there are some, of course, who have no boundaries in their obsession with cars. They want the most exotic, the most rare, the most expensive, and just the most.

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Fashion designer Ralph Lauren has one of the most impressive car collections in the US, including everything from Ferraris to Veyrons, most of which are held at his vast New York estate. Most of us are well acquainted with Lauren’s impeccable eye for fashion, but few realize that his eye for aesthetics runs into the world of automobiles as well. His garages are stocked with some of the most beautiful cars ever to hit the streets, including the incredibly rare McLaren F1LM. Lauren is the owner of one in five of these cars to ever be produced.

Many people remember Nicolas Cage from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, a fast paced action flick about car thieves. But did you know just how much Cage felt at home in this movie? His cars probably aren’t stolen, but he’s sitting on one of the biggest collections in the country. His favorite pieces include a vintage Ferrari and a Lamborghini formerly owned by the Shah of Iran.

Have you ever wondered what Jerry Seinfeld has been up to since the last episode of his famous sitcom in the late 90s? He must have either been touring tirelessly or collecting more royalties than we can imagine, because he’s amassed one of the biggest Porsche collections anyone has ever seen. Seinfeld’s collection of Boxters, 911s, 959s and other models got so large, in fact, that his California neighbors put up a fight about the massive garage he intended to build for his beauties. Instead of going through with the project, Seinfeld rented out an aircraft hangar to stock his Porches.

There is little debate about the biggest, craziest, and most impressive car collection in the US. Jay Leno’s collection of over 100 cars ranging from sporty and exotic, to rare and ancient, leaves all other collectors in the dust. His collection is so big that most would have trouble keeping track of every car on the list, but Leno actually drives every single one of his cars. This is a stark contrast to many collectors who have caged Ferraris that never see the light of day. How often do you think he loses his keys? He even has sheet metal and welding machines in his garage, just in case.

It’s hard to imagine taking up such an expensive hobby. Some of the cars in these collections cost close to a million dollars. Of all these crazy car collections, Jay Leno surely takes the cake with his garages more vast and varied than RideLust, but you never know when some other collector will come up to take the throne.

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