The Best Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

The Best Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

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If there’s one thing that car aficionados love more than anything else, it is the car-themed gift. Sure, those special car enthusiasts in your life would love nothing more than a 1969 Aston Martin, but unless you’re the mansion and private plane type, you probably have to uncover some more down-to-earth options. Luckily, there are tons of amazing gifts for car lovers both young and old in your life, as long as you leave enough time before that special event for shipping. Here is a look at just a few of the best gift ideas for car enthusiasts.

For those car lovers that consider the best ‘man cave’ to be the perfectly appointed garage, check out “Ultimate Garages III”, a gorgeous new coffee table book packed with full-color photos and posters of twenty-four of the greatest garages ever designed. It’s written by Phil Berg and includes a great forward by known car guy Jay Leno. You’ll see incredible memorabilia, Hollywood sets, and full technical specifications in case your car enthusiast wants to attempt to craft his own version of that ultimate garage.

If the car enthusiast in your life has a particular spot in his or her heart for Porsche, consider Porsche-themed gifts. For an inter-office gift, Porsche has made two different flash drives, one shaped as a 911 Turbo and the other as a vehicle key from the Porsche Panamera. After all, if you can’t have your own, you might as well have a miniature version you can store all of your car pics on! Another great Porsche-themed gift you can find is an ice cube tray crafted out of silicone. The various versions craft cubes in the shape of the Cayenne, 911, Cayman and the Panamera. Top it off with “The Complete Book of Porsche 911”. That most iconic of Porsche vehicles is chronicled in this impeccable book, that covers every single 911 to roll off the assembly line since 1964.

If your car enthusiast has spent more time coveting photos than experiencing his favorite vehicles in action, try purchasing him an afternoon of exotic car driving. Depending on the models and location, you can see your favorite car guy behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, an Audi or any other dream vehicle for a mere $300. And that cash won’t only buy sitting behind the wheel and smelling that new car smell. He’ll also be able to put one of those exotic beauties through its paces on a private racetrack.

Looking for more practical gifts for the car enthusiast that treats his vehicle like a part of the family? Start with a full-fledged roadside kit. For as little as $25 you can prepare the enthusiast for any contingency, such as flat tires, car accidents or simply the ability to help another driver who has broken down. Another great option is a Mother’s Clay Bar. Consider that an inexpensive way to detail your own vehicle. With a quick use it will pull any stray particles off of a car’s paint job. It’s a difference you won’t only see, but will be able to feel as well. Pack a couple of these practical options in gift bags from to improve the presentation, and those car enthusiasts in your life will be more than thankful.

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