Mercedes Debuted Three Electric Vehicles at the Paris Auto Show

Mercedes Debuted Three Electric Vehicles at the Paris Auto Show

Sustainability has never been more popular a focus among individuals and manufacturers alike. More and more attention is being turned towards making things that will help our environment now and keep everything the way it is in the future. From solar panels, to green homebuilding, to innovations in the automotive industry, almost everybody is making some kind of effort at preserving, if not bettering, the planet and its environment around us.

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This trend continues at the 2012 Paris Motor show, where Mercedes-Benz and smart car are joining forces to unveil some of the world’s most advanced new electric car technologies available to consumers today. Both manufacturers are already industry powerhouses, each at the top of their respective games, and their joining of forces shows that each are taking their commitment to the environment very seriously.

Mercedez-Benz lifted the veil off of three brand new battery-electric vehicles that they created in conjunction with smart car. Two of them were even versions that are ready for series production: the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive and the smart BRABUS Electric Drive are essentially ready for the streets, complete with an amended model designation and everything (“Electric Drive” will be added to the model designations of all suitable cars made by Mercedes-Benz).

A concept car was also unveiled, the B-Class Electric Drive, which is exactly what it sounds like. Unlike the smart BRABUS and the SLS AMG Coupé, the B-Class Electric Drive is designed for complete use by the everyday individual, and aims to be one of the most advanced of its kind. In terms of specifications, it’ll boast an electric motor of 100 kW that will give American drivers a range of about 124 miles (200 km for our European counterparts. It’ll be complemented by the B-Class Natural Gas Drive, and an A-Class Electric Drive variant, whose French market debut has seen a good deal of success.

Design is an important element in Mercedes-Benz’ car development process, and the manufacturer has managed to push the envelope even further, creating a unique design that creates the most possible space by storing the lithium-ion battery in a part of the car’s floor known as the energy space. Not only does this help with the car’s center of gravity, but it also saves a ton of interior space so that you can ride comfortably. An innovative design like this is sure to result in its fair amount of imitation, which only speaks to the effectiveness of Mercedes-Benz and their design choices.

It doesn’t take a master of car repair to see that Mercedes-Benz are continuing to lead the charge in automotive innovation, and have taken this one step further by delving into the creation of forward-thinking and environmentally friendly cars, the likes of which have not yet been seen. With these three new models, Mercedes-Benz and smart are making it clear that they intend to lead by example, developing technologies that will help to preserve and protect our environment for generations to come.

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