Favorite Food Tips for Car Travel

Favorite Food Tips for Car Travel

Eating on the road isn’t always easy. You can hardly find healthy and fresh food on highway.

All you have to do is to follow our tips and you will find your trip tastier, healthier and more economical.

Food Tips for Car Travel

You will need two coolers, one for cold items and one for room temperature. To have always fresh food, don’t forget to put pack of ice in the cooler. Prepare wet wipes, garbage bags and paper napkins. It can be fun if you find interesting spot for making pause and have a little picnic. For this purpose take your picnic blanket.

Pack delicious sandwiches: peanut butter sandwich or sandwich turkey with your favorite dressing and salad.

You can pack cold drinks, sliced cheese and meats, hard-boiled eggs and fresh fruits. Bananas and apples are always great choice.

Pack vegetables: cut up carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers and broccoli florets.

Make your own mix of dried fruit and nuts. Take protein bars, bar of delicious dark chocolate and rice cakes. This is much better than donuts, sweet rolls or chips.

Take care of hydration. Drink plenty of water because dehydration leads to headaches, muscle cramps, loss of concentration. If you are suffering of travel sickness take tea of chamomile or ginger. Eat small and frequent meals.

Last and most important thing: Forget alcohol while traveling.

Enjoy your trip!

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