Custom Garage Design for Car Collectors

Custom Garage Design for Car Collectors

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One of the biggest concerns for car collectors is adequate garage space for storage and maintenance. No serious collector would ever consider leaving his or her cars out on the street; the risk of damage or theft is too high and the exposure to the elements will degrade cars from the outside in over time. If you plan on working on these cars yourself, you’re obviously going to need some sort of clean, organized and secure work space as well. There is really no way around it–if car collecting is going to be part of your life, you need garage space.

Most average sized homes have enough garage space for one, or possibly two cars. Some have no garage at all. This may be sufficient for the average home owner or driver, but not for the passionate collector of automobiles. For many families and individuals, the garage even becomes more of a personal storage space than a parking area. Some collectors choose to rent a space elsewhere, but another great solution can be to build a larger garage on your own property.

Rent a space has the advantage of initial convenience for collectors. There is no construction involved–all that’s needed is to find a good space, sign a lease, and start setting up your new garage. This is an especially appealing option to those who have not quite settled down in a long term home just yet. However, there are down sides to this approach. The cost of renting out garage space can be more expensive over time, and the rent itself may be subject to change. Your collection will be far away from your home, and you may have concerns about security. Finally, your options for customizing the space may be limited due to the rental dynamic.

The other main option is to build your own garage on your own property. This is ideal for those who have the space and the means. You can build to any dimensions you want–for a 4 car garage, at least 24 by 48 feet is recommended, and you can always build larger if you have the space. Go about the building project as though it were a house, not a shed. Insulated walls are the best way to go for temperature control, heavy locking doors with alarm systems will provide your security, and you’ll want to have adequate lighting as well as space for tools and electrical outlets. You will likely need to obtain building permits, and the investment will be significant, but the end result is your fully customized ideal garage.

Whatever plan better suits your means, make sure not to skimp on the necessities. You may find private houses to rent for storage space, or build your own dream structure at home, but either way you need to make sure that this is a space worthy of your collection. Protect your cars from vandalism, theft, and the elements. When setting up your custom garage, remember; too much security is never enough.

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