75 Percent of Drivers Find Car Tech a Dangerous Distraction

75 Percent of Drivers Find Car Tech a Dangerous Distraction

Now isn’t this a twist? As technology is constantly evolving and at a time where we are right on the brink of having self-driving vehicles on the road, a recent survey has revealed that some of the “assistance” that our car’s computers are offering are doing a bit more harm than good. At least in our humble opinion, anyway.

That’s right. A fairly recent Harris poll of over 2,600 people revealed something that a lot of us probably have been feeling, but may not have expressed beyond mumbling in our vehicles on our way to work: That in-car technology may be trying to help us out, but at the end of the day, it’s basically distracting.

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It wasn’t a low percentage of people who stated this, either. It was actually an overwhelming 75 percent. According to the people asked, they believe that automobile manufacturers have actually taken all of the computerized commands way too far. In fact, some individuals said that the cars are “helping” so much, that it could potentially cause a dangerous situation because so many people are more focused on what the car is saying than what is actually happening on the road.

That’s not all that the poll revealed. 62 percent of the individuals who were surveyed said that they were concerned if all of the technology in their vehicles was causing their privacy to be compromised (especially when it comes to tracking, or tracking down, their whereabouts); 41 percent were worried that what their cars “tell” about their driving habits could have a direct effect on their insurance rates and 61 percent expressed that being so “connected” actually robbed them of the kind of time that they like to spend while driving. Indeed, many people look forward to being in their cars because, for some of them, it’s the rare time in the day when they have control of what’s going on in their immediate space. No computers, no cell phones (if they’re obeying the law) and even if the radio is on, it’s because they wanted it to be. But with all of the technology in newer-made models, a lot of individuals feel like they don’t get a break; that their cars talk more than some of the people that they have to deal with on a daily basis do.

Of course, it probably comes as no real shocker that when asked if in-car connectivity was enjoyable on some level, 50 percent said “yes”, with men (64 percent) finding pleasure in it more than women (53 percent).

It should also be no surprise that age was a bit of a factor. If you asked some who is 60 if they would rather shop for insurance quotes online or speak to someone by phone, they would probably choose the latter option while someone under the age of 30 would probably prefer the internet. This speaks to the times that we are living in. By the same token, while on 39 percent of people between 55-60 said that they felt that in-car technology wasn’t all that necessary, 58 percent of individuals between 18-35 did.

So, there you have it. Talking cars may be a thing of the present, but to the manufacturers who are making cars for the future, they may want to take this survey under advisement. Or at least provide their cars with a mute button.

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