7 Essential Accessories You Must Have in Your Vehicle at All Times

7 Essential Accessories You Must Have in Your Vehicle at All Times

Everyone who has owned or driven a car knows that there are some essentials they must carry in the car at all times, most for emergency.  You never know what could happen on the road.  One day there could be road rage on the three miles between your place of work and home and you could be in a serious jeopardy.  If you are going on a road trip and will be on a deserted road for hours on end, you will need to properly equip yourself in case the car – or even the GOS system quits on you mid-way.  So, since you cannot carry everything in your car that you will need in case of an apocalypse, what are the seven top things you absolutely must have on your car at all times?

1) Puncture repair kit, spare tire and

What is the worst most common issue that drivers face on the road all the time?  Tire problems.  You could drive for a mile and come across two or three cars on the road side on three wheels, the fourth being changed.  If you ever have a tire burst, you had better have a tire repair kit especially if you still drive on those tires that you cannot drive too far on after a flat.

2) First aid kit

Most new cars today come with a basic first aid kit pre-installed, but the basic first aid kit often lacks so many necessities.  Since a first aid kit does not take that much space on your car, consider upgrading to a fuller more reliable first aid kit with all the essentials you would need in case of a medical emergency such as an accident.  The kit should have adhesive bandages, scissors, anti-bacterial ointment, painkillers, sterile dressings and others.

3) Water

They say that water is life.  You would know just how important water is if you get stuck in traffic for hours on end and you can’t get out of the car.  I have made it a habit to carry two or three bottles of drinking water at all times in the car and you should too, even when you are not driving far.

4) Paper map

Over reliance on electronic gadgets may work against you some day.  The battery on your smartphone could flak out on you, or there could be no network reception where you are when you get stuck.  A paper map of the areas you will be covering on your journey will come to the rescue.

5) Energy bars

Energy bars are better than carrying around food because they have a high concentration of energy per gram than serials.  Better still, you can have energy bars that will last you a couple of days in case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you can’t find food to buy.

6) Duct tape

There is nothing a duct tape can’t fix – at least temporarily.  From a detached windshield to a broken bumper, the duct tape can come in handy at any time.  Have it in your toolbox somewhere, I am certain at some point or another you will find it a lifesaver.

7) Flash light

Finally, one of the most crucial necessities, a flashlight, is a must-have.  A battery operated flashlight is more preferable because you may need it when your car lighting system won’t be of much use for what you want to do.  If you go for a rechargeable flashlight, ensure that you keep it in top shape by discharging and recharging it every couple of weeks to ensure that it actually works and can provide enough bright light for at least five continuous hours when you need it.

We learn a lot from the movies we watch because they present what happens in real life.  We have learnt that accidents do happen, cars do break down on the road, and in such a situation, you had better been prepared.  Unless you are prepared with the right emergency items, you might be in for a long disappointing drive on the road.

About the author:

Taylor Ritchie is a freelance writer and cars lover. He is a writer for a car accessories shop and loves writing for popular auto blogs like cars-10.com

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