5 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car

Locking yourself out of the car is the absolute worst, and there’s really no question about that. No matter how much we hate it, no matter how much it ruins our day, we still manage to find ways to lock ourselves out of the car, and for many of us this can become a source of endless frustration. We’re going to talk about a few pretty easy (and incredibly cheap) strategies that’ll help you avoid locking your keys out of the car. One of the best ways to make sure you do this is to establish a routine — it takes approximately 66 days to get a habit formed in your mind, so when you find something that works for you, just stick with it until it becomes automatic. One of these ideas is almost guaranteed to help you make sure you never leave those keys in that car ever again.

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1. Use a Lanyard. Having a big, long string attached to your keys is a great way to make sure they stay with you. Of course, sticking them in the ignition is another matter entirely, but if there’s a big, giant lanyard attached to your keys, it’s more likely that they won’t be able to find themselves out of sight anytime soon. This is also a great way to avoid losing your keys in general, and to always quickly and easily know which pocket they’re in without having to search around.

2. Number Code. Plenty of cars have a number code on the door for keyless entry, and if yours has this then you’re in pretty considerable luck. You basically can’t lock yourself out of your car when you’ve got a keyless entry door code. Should you forget that your keys are in the vehicle before locking up tight, you can simply enter your access code and let yourself back in. Be careful, though, and make sure you keep this number a secret so just anyone can’t get into your car.

3. Establish a Routine. Try finding a way that you can develop a short, and simple repetitive routine that you do every time you get somewhere and get out of your car. Make sure you include getting your keys and holding them in your hand as part of that routine. Establish clear steps and work at doing this every single day until it becomes automatic in a little more than a couple of months.

4. Always Lock Your Doors Manually. If none of these things work and you still seem to be figuring out a way to leave your keys in your car before getting out and then locking it behind you, then you can simply remove the element that causes you to do this in the first place. Don’t use the technology that’s letting you lock yourself out to begin with! If you get in the habit of always manually locking your doors, you’ll need to have your keys with you to do so and it’ll be impossible to lock them in your car. Literally.

5. Get a Smartphone App. Plenty of applications exist for those of us who routinely deny ourselves access to our own cars, so you can have your own personal auto locksmith in your pocket when you need it. Just make sure that your app is dealer-approved, and you can never worry about locking yourself out of the car again.

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