The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Garage Doors

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Garage Doors

Wood competes with steel as the most common type of garage door material. There are a number of benefits to using wood and most people choose it ultimately because they like the way it looks. Wood has a warm and natural look that complements just about every house style and design available. It is also available in different shades and grains and also offers the home owner a lot of versatility. Practically speaking you will have to work pretty hard to keep it in good condition as wood can be adversely affected by the forces of nature.

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Wood is versatile and can be used for any style of door, including roller and sectional designs. If you want to make your own it can be used to create a simple swing door very quickly and easily. Wood can also be painted or covered with siding to match the exterior of your home, or varnished if it is high quality and you want to be able to see the natural wood grain underneath.

Another of the benefits is you can find wooden garage doors to suit all budgets, from cheaper and simpler designs through to the more expensive appearance-grade doors which allow the wood grain to show through. These doors are not painted; they are varnished and show off high quality, natural wood at its very best. Popular varieties include mahogany, oak and cedar. It is ideal if you can have one made from a single piece of wood so there are no joints, which will make it look better and be stronger.

There are some drawbacks to using wood and the most notable is that a wooden garage door will not last forever. It is susceptible to the forces of nature. Different weather conditions like heat, cold, frost and rain can cause wood to crack, warp and delaminate. This makes it relatively high maintenance, especially if you want it to last, and you will need to paint and varnish wooden doors regularly to look after them properly.

If you like the aesthetic appeal of wood but are worried about its resilience you can also get steel garage doors that are finished with a wood grain appearance but have the strength of steel to back them up. This will ensure you get a longer lifespan from the product. If you are unsure make a comparison before you purchase to see where you will get the best value for your money.

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Guest post written by Sarah Bolt for Steel-Line garage doors, an Australian company. Sarah Bolt is a realtor who has taken part in many home renovations. She is also a freelance content writer for various home improvement websites.

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