Should You Hire a Limo or Vintage Car for Your Wedding?

Should You Hire a Limo or Vintage Car for Your Wedding?

wedding carYour post-ceremony transportation is one of the most important parts of your wedding, as it’s one of the most important parts of pretty much any wedding! There are a great many options you might want to choose from, and we’re going to talk about the plusses and minuses of two of the most popular options available to newly wedded couples. Of course, if budget is an issue, your options might be limited, but we’ll talk about the features that might draw you to either a classy ride in a swanky limo or a super cool trip in one of the raddest vintage vehicles you and your friends have ever seen.

A decision like this, budgetary requirements excepted, is largely one predicated on taste. In specific, the tastes of the bride & groom. Talk with your partner about what kind of style you most want to espouse. If you and your partner are the more sleek and modern types, then hiring a super sleek limo might be a great option to complete your look. However, if you’re more of what you might call a “rock ‘n roll” couple, then a vintage car might really give off that freewheeling, fun-loving attitude that you and your friends all know and love.

Understandably enough, you’ve likely already picked a theme for your wedding based on the personal preferences we’ve just gotten done talking about. When this is the case, a good deal of the work has actually already been done for you. If you’ve got a comprehensive theme or unifying idea already selected for your wedding, then the choice between hiring a classy, upper-crust limo or a personality-fueled vintage ride simply involves making a choice that stays consistent with the look and feel that you’ve already chosen for your wedding. For instance, if your theme involves a lot of blacks, whites, and clean lines, then you’ll want to reflect this relatively minimalist and conservative feel with something more along the lines of a limo.

When you do decide whether or not you’re going to want to ride away from your wedding in a rockin’ vintage car or a sleek, classy limousine, it’s important to remember to stay safe, no matter what. Make sure you choose a rental agency that’s well-reputed and whose facilities are in decent repair and aren’t shady-looking. These are great indications of a business’ overall quality, and when your transportation is involved, you want to make sure you’re being as well-taken-care-of as possible by the company you pick to transport you.

Whatever you wind up deciding, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly unique experience based on whether or not you choose a limo or a classy vintage car. Plenty of limo rentals are available in just about any area, and most cities have an outlet that rents vintage cars, as well. Whatever your choice, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience after exchanging your vows.

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