Will Cars Have Alcohol Testers Fitted?

Will Cars Have Alcohol Testers Fitted?

Drink driving is a serious problem that has affected thousands of lives over the decades. It’s an issue that every government has highlighted and tried to tackle in their own way, to reduce fatalities and make the roads safer for everybody.

Alcohol Tester

One of the more radical ideas to tackle the issue has recently been suggested by Professor David Nutt, a former Government chief drugs adviser. He wants new technology to be included in cars that measures the alcohol levels in people’s breath, with the car refusing to start if the driver is deemed to be over the limit. Will it cost extra to fit, though? Will someone who’s invested in Vauxhall Insignia leasing need to spend extra to get the technology fitted?

Professor Nutt was infamously sacked from his advisor position when he clashed with the then Labour government in 2009 over the classification of recreational drugs. He has recently released a new book called ‘Drugs – Without The Hot Air’ which discuss ways that the public can reduce the harm caused by alcohol and more.
Cars that give breath tests is just one of his many ideas. Others range from getting supermarkets to sell non-alcoholic beers next to regular brands, shortening licensing hours in pubs, and even tearing up the rule book to devise less dangerous alternatives to drinking.

Though Professor Nutt’s idea is certainly creative, the AA has branded it as impractical. Edmund King, president of the AA, says, “There is a voluntary scheme of ‘alcolocks’ at the moment but I don’t think Prof Nutt’s plan is practical. Our message is that no one who drives should drink. If that message gets across and the police target drink-drivers and breathalyse more people, then you don’t need new devices.”

The AA’s response came after Professor Nutt discussed the possibility of the technology with the BBC. He underlined how other countries have already integrated a similar system into their vehicles, and also added: “You could potentially have it so that was true of all cars – everybody would have to breathe in (to the device) before they were able to drive away. It could save a lot of lives.”
Whatever people think about Professor Nutt’s ideas, it’s good to see that people are taking the debate seriously, and are doing all they can to raise awareness of the problem and find solutions that work for the public’s safety.

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