What You Can Do To Your Car to Save Fuel?

What You Can Do To Your Car to Save Fuel?

As gas prices inch up to record highs across the country, it’s hard not to get frustrated every time you drive past a gas station only to see that the little numbers on the sign have gone up again. While most of us know that we can’t directly do anything about the actual gas prices, there are some minor adjustments that you can make to your car that will add up to big changes in what you end of paying each time at the pump.

Save Fuel

Align Your Tires. Having your tires not properly aligned causes your engine to have to work harder to keep your car going straight. An engine that works harder is going to use more gas, so make sure to have your alignment checked when you have your regularly scheduled maintenance or if you have hit rough terrain recently that might have caused your car to shift out of alignment.

Pump Up Your Tires. Simply not having enough air in your tires can reduce your gas mileage as well as the life of your tires. It is advised that you check your tire pressure once a month and make sure that you have the manufacturers recommended amount of air in your tires. This is a cheap and easy way to get more out of each tank of gas.

Baby Your Engine. Your engine is the heart of your car, so if it’s not happy, nobody is happy! Keeping your engine in top shape by having regular tune-ups will allow it to be at its best and give you maximum fuel economy.

Tighten You Gas Cap. Believe it or not, but not putting your gas cap back on correctly will allow gas to escape and evaporate! Keep the gas that you already spent your precious pennies on in the tank and working for you by always double checking to make sure your lid is on tightly.

Use A Garage. If you have a garage, you should use it to protect your car and decrease the amount of fuel you use. Why? Because a garage can keep your car warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing you to not have to rely on the air conditioning and heating systems as much to get your car to the optimum temperature. So go ahead, use this weekend to clean out all of your old high school yearbooks and give your car a space in your garage.

Replace Your Air Filters. Just like your tires and engine, when your air filters aren’t working right and are clogged with dirt, dust and other grit, this causes your car to have to work harder and become less fuel efficient. It’s a good idea to have your air filters checked at each oil change to make sure that they are clean and running well.

When it comes to getting the most out of every drop of gas you put into your car, small simple changes are key and can make a big difference in your fight at the pump.

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