What Would Happen If You Don’t Have Van Insurance

What Would Happen If You Don’t Have Van Insurance

Van InsuranceWe hear that having van insurance is compulsory by Law in UK and that is why we should be having van insurance. In a hurry to get van insurance, we sometimes even get a wrong cover for which we would either have to pay higher insurance premium or be underinsured. It is important that you have the right van insurance for your van because of the very simple fact that you will be covered for the risks mentioned in your van insurance policy and you will have to pay the van insurance premium that is decided. Any change that is made in the intermediate term of the policy would certainly change the terms and conditions, but at a cost. So better be safe than sorry and get a valid van insurance cover for yourself.

Cheap Van Insurance is what most of us search for, because the economic conditions of our pockets are that way. If we spend all that we have got only on insurance, what are we to do for other luxuries is the question posed. So we go for cheapest van insurance policy that is offered. But that will be at the cost of paying for a policy that will not benefit us in any way.

Commercial van insurance, courier van insurance and business van insurance are three types of van insurance covers classified based on the purpose for which van is used. Young driver van insurance, convicted driver van insurance, temporary van insurance are other classifications of van insurance.

We know that we should be having van insurance, but what would happen if we don’t have van insurance. It is illegal to drive a van without having insurance cover for it. £5000 is the fine amount that the cops can charge for driving your van without a van insurance policy for it. Fine would sound reasonable when compared to the points that could be added to your driving records. We understand the seriousness of having 5 or 7 points added to our driving records. It will anyways lead to a high van insurance premium for whichever policy you get in future.

Another scary thing that could happen is a temporary ban on driving. In case driving is what is fuelling your livelihood then you must have van insurance. When such are the consequences of not having van insurance then why take such risk at all. So get Cheap Van Insurance at insurancevan.co.uk to be secured at any point of time.

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