Trouble in Paradise? Worrying News from Mercedes-Benz

Trouble in Paradise? Worrying News from Mercedes-Benz

They may be globally recognized as the producers of the world’s most efficient, sturdy and coveted cars, yet it seems not all is well with German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz. Two recent news stories have made experts and fans of the brand alike wonder if the company is facing financial troubles or simply changing its policies to adapt to current times. Read on to learn what’s got the automotive segment of the blogosphere burning up with curiosity.

Farewell, F1?

While this piece of news is in no way official, Mercedes-Benz might be contemplating at least a partial withdrawal from the Formula 1 circuit. According to the president of the competition league, Bernie Ecclestone, all the teams have signed the updated version of the F1’s governing document, the Concorde Agreement, yet it is becoming increasingly clear that this is not true. Allegedly, Mercedes-Benz is looking to cash in more on the competitive circuit. They might be considering the renaming of their team starting with 2014, from the current Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 into a shorter AMG F1. 2014 is the year Mercedes-Benz will introduce their new V6 engines. They would still supply engines for the team, which would be led by Ross Brawn, yet with no official support from the brand. Michael Schumacher might also step off the driving ring and be provided with a managing position on the team. It has been surmised that this move might have been determined by the F1 team’s relative lack of success, as well as by the recent tarnishing Gerhard Gribkowsky bribe incident. The rumor is still awaiting confirmation, which will most likely come once the Concorde Agreement is fully ratified.

Partial Recall of G-Wagens

At first sight, the news might not be too worrisome. Mercedes-Benz have decided to call back 189 of their 2011 G550 and G55 AMG vehicles because their interior leather trim has been proven faulty. However, this seemingly minor and trivial matter conceals potentially serious safety effects. Should the flawed airbag cover flap molding strip in question become dislodged once the airbag has been deployed, it would turn into a veritable missile, ricocheting back and forth through the car’s cockpit. At the moment, the company is identifying the owners of the 189 cars in question. They will receive official notifications in September and be required to hand the cars over to their respective dealerships. The cars will be fixed absolutely free of charge by the brand.

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