Top 10 SUV’s Of Year 2012

Top 10 SUV’s Of Year 2012

The following best-selling sport utility vehicles take getting from here to there to a surprising and stylish new level. These vehicles, the most revered of the year, offer a myriad of great features along with their compelling designs that continue to push the limits of SUV performance. The best SUVs of the year according to UK and European markets, these vehicles are the stars of 2012.

Vauxhall Mokka

Touted as Vauxhall’s baby SUV, the Mokka is the new darling of the sub-compact SUV market. Distinctively sleek, the Mokka features a sporty wedge shape and exemplary handling. People who have bought the Mokka love its sophisticated style as well as its comprehensive safety program. From advanced technology to its versatile space, the Mokka is one of the most dynamic SUVs of the year. Some of its stand-out features include its built-in Navi 600, Quickheat, Radio CD 450 with Bluetooth, hill-start assist, hill-descent control, 1.7-litre diesel, and sporty ergonomic seating.

Volkswagon Tiguan

With a bit of off-roading capability, this family-friendly vehicle is a popular cross-over that is fun to drive and reliably constructed. Although a compact model, this vehicle is noted for its spacious and comfortable interior. Easy steering and dynamic performance on the motorway, this vehicle is a great choice for great quality matched with many noteworthy features. Plenty of legroom and a signature design are just a few traits of this all-star.

Land Rover Discovery 4

Drivers love this SUV for its adventurous ability to tackle any road. This vehicle simply begs you to leave the tame motorways behind for an off-road ramble—albeit, a luxurious ramble. The Discovery 4 is incredibly comfortable with plenty of space for a full crew of occupants and a smoothly quiet drive. Highlights of this SUV include its 3.0-litre V6 engine, dual-view centre console, and eight-speed automatic gearbox which have Land Rover fans chomping at the bit to get into one of these for an off-road adventure! One of the best SUVs on the market, the Discovery 4 is leading the pack in terms of quality and performance.

Audi Q3

With its notably great fuel economy and first-class reliability, the Q3 is famous for its stellar performance and comfort. For a compact design, there’s plenty of room to seat five along with room for luggage or sporting gear. Audi fans love this model’s standout features like its durable interior, climate control, and iPod connectivity. In terms of quality, the Q3 continues to hold up Audi’s great reputation. Its telltale design is also hip and fresh.

Honda CR-V

Family-friendly, easy to handle, and affordable for its class, the Honda CR-V has a great reputation for reliability and performance. As a compact SUV, it has many of the bells and whistles that consumers are searching for like a choice of engines, comfortable seating, safety features, and contemporary style. Stellar performance on the roadways is one of the CR-V’s best assets. A great all-around SUV, it’s also got plenty of head and leg room for long journeys, but its ability to zip in and out of city streets makes it a convenient option no matter where you live.

Mercedes M-Class

Touted as one of the best of the best, the Mercedes M-class defines luxury for matching stellar performance with consummate style. Solid and safe with its two tons of power, this model is surprisingly light on its wheels, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Plenty of choices when it comes to engines and chassis, the M-Class allows drivers to tailor their vehicle to meet their driving needs. Its plush interior and premium features live up to the Mercedes name. If you’re looking for a classic, this sophisticated series is hard to beat.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Powered by a 3.0-litre V6 diesel, this American import is a top choice for off-the-road adventures. While stylish and well-behaved on the motorways, this Jeep likes to play hard. A vehicle with all-around capabilities as well as standard fit air-suspension and spacious cabin, the Grand Cherokee is a top SUV for its great performance and standard features. Ideal for families or sporty adventurers, the Grand Cherokee is versatile and affordable.

Mazda CX-5

Sophisticated and stylish, the CX-5 features a compact design that’s still spacious and comfortable inside, yet sleek and sporty on the outside. Its 2.2-litre diesel engine is a top selling point, but a 2.0-litre petrol model is also available. Noted for its easy handling and optional touch-screen navigation system, the CX-5 is a hot seller with its distinctive look and first-rate performance. Lots of standard features accompany this singularly stunning SUV that’s as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

Lexus RX450h

For reliability, luxury, and safety, Lexus has a firm grasp on all these categories. Featuring a 3.5-litre V6 engine and ten airbags, this model is ideal for anyone who wants all the bells and whistles of a dynamic SUV with the classic style of a Lexus. Flexible seating, storage, and much-improved fuel economy, this model is a standout among others in its class. At the top of its game the RX450h is one of the best of the best.

Toyota RAV4

This solid choice is a favorite among active families who want the space and performance of an SUV with the economy of a fuel efficient engine. Noted for its terrific off-the-road handling, this sporty model has an adventurous spirit, but its interior comfort is designed for smooth sailing. Noted for its safety and durability, the RAV4 is a hot vehicle for its class and out-performs many other SUVs in terms of versatility and dynamic performance capabilities.

With loads of options and a wide array of standard features, these SUVs are the best of the bunch. So versatile and dynamic, drivers can easily find the SUV that suits all of their driving needs whether on or off the road!

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Guest post was contributed by Yogesh Mankani on behalf of the NetworkQ where you can find a Used Vauxhall. Yogesh is a freelance writer and automobile enthusiast that writes articles for various motoring websites.

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