Seinfeld and Baldwin Have a Laugh in a Mercedes Benz 280 SL

Seinfeld and Baldwin Have a Laugh in a Mercedes Benz 280 SL

When long-running hit TV series Seinfeld drew to an end, numerous voices in the media heralded career ends for members of the ensemble cast. However, almost a decade and a half later, it turns out they were wrong, as, with the possible exception of Michael Richards, everybody has moved on just fine. Jerry Seinfeld himself continues to draw audiences to his sold-out stand-up shows and has recently launched a new online comedy series, quite straightforwardly titled Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Those who know the essential facts of Seinfeld’s biography are aware of his long-standing passion for automobiles. In one of the series’ latest webisodes, Seinfeld shares coffee and a couple of jokes with movie star Alec Baldwin. But let’s backtrack a little.

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The Seinfeld Collection

Luxury car and Seinfeld fans know all about the comedian’s impressively extensive Porsche collection. It’s not exactly sure how many he’s got, but what is certain is that he used to rent out a plane hangar in Santa Monica in the nineties, since he had nowhere else to keep his cars. The myth amplified when Jerry moved back to NYC and planned to build a garage worth $1.4 million, strictly for the safekeeping of his collection. It has been reported that the collection includes nearly four dozen Porsches, including several Porsche 911s, ten Porsche Boxsters, each a different color, as well as an ultra-exclusive Porsche 959, one of the 337 ever built.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

In July 2012, Seinfeld premiered a web series that combines two of his greatest passions, cars and coffee, to which it adds a healthy dose of comedy. Featured guests thus far include some of the comedian’s closest collaborators: Larry David in a 1952 Volkswagen Bug, Ricky Gervais in a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 and Brian Regan in a 1970 Dodge Challenger. In time, the car received one piece wheel-covers, new tail lights, beam headlights, better emission control, and new door locks.

Jerry, Alec and the Mercedes

The August 16 episode featured actor Alec Baldwin in a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL. The model, first introduced in the late sixties, was produced until 1971, featured a major engine upgrade, to a larger M130 engine able to produce 170 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. The car featured on the show is a bright Signal Red – which the two funnymen use as a backdrop for jokes on their common hometown (Massapequa, NY), the Screen Actors’ Guild, and Seinfeld himself. Check out the episode, and the beautiful vintage Mercedes in particular.

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