How Do Spinning Rims Work? Are they Neccessary?

How Do Spinning Rims Work? Are they Neccessary?

You pull up to the stop light beside a car that looks like the wheels are still going, but you can plainly see that the car is stopped. What is this enigma in front of you? Spinning rims, my friend! Spinning rims give the appearance that the wheels are still spinning, when the vehicle is actually stopped. “How does this work?” you might find yourself asking, as you wait for the light to turn green. Well, most spinning rims are attachments that go on the existing wheel, using special lug nuts. Once the lug nuts are in place the spinning rims have special bolts that thread into these lug nuts, allowing the spinning rims to be mounted. The actual spinning part is made much like regular wheel. with a base attached. The spinner then rides on a heavy duty sealed bearing. Centrifugal force is the science behind the reason that the spinners keep spinning while the wheels are stopped.

Spinning Rims

After seeing them in action, you may find yourself on the fence about whether or not to add a set of shiny new spinning rims to your wheels. The inner conflict begins. You search for practical reasons that would justify the emotional part of you that simply WANTS them. You go down the list – will they help me get more miles per gallon, make my car safer, extend the life expectancy of my wheels, or improve the resale value of my car? Sorry but, no…no…no…and probably not. Dang! So pragmatic you asks the zinger question – why do you even want to buy spinning rims anyway?!? In a moment of clarity and profound simplicity, the “adventurer” you responds to “party-pooper” you, “because I can.”

If we’re honest with ourselves, this purchase is not about the “ROI”. It’s about what the purchase means to you personally. Perhaps the spinning rims for you are an extension of who you are. You enjoy expressing yourself by giving your car a fresh look that makes you feel good when you’re out on the town. Like you sporting a new pair of shoes or a well-fitting suit, your car makes a strong impression when it’s well-dressed. Making sure that impression fits you is an individual thing. It’s personal and not subject to fads, trends or naysayers. It’s important to get it right. Hah! Take that, “practical” you!

Maybe finally being able to, is reason enough to buy those spinning rims. Perhaps it’s more symbolic and in a way affirms that you’ve arrived at a destination in life that was a goal for some time. For some people its a great sound system, going for a new paint job, or installing top notch navigation & DVD hardware. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, the common thread here is that we pull the trigger on these little upgrades simply because we can. You got that raise, closed the big sale or lost those last 5lbs you’ve been working on shedding…congratulations, man! Treat yourself a little, treat your wheels to those spinning rims you’ve been eyeing and enjoy the new look. You deserve it.

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