Purchasing Car Tires : A Complete Guide

Purchasing Car Tires : A Complete Guide

It is quite difficult to buy new tires for your car. This is not because of high pricing or lack of options, but because of the fact that most people do not know what they are looking for. Such people usually end up making wrong choices. Tyres not only enhance the car’s beauty, but also make sure that your car performs better. Tyres are even considered to be the most important safety feature in your car. Having some knowledge about tyres helps you to buy the right kind of tyres for your car at economical rates. Moreover, your driving habits also play an important role when you buy tires.

Purchasing Car Tyres

What is the Right time to Buy Tires

Most of the companies suggest a penny test to know the condition of your tires. This is the most common method used by people to check if they need new tyres. First of all, insert a single penny into the tread of the tyre. In case your tyre is fine, the top of the coin would disappear. If it does not, it means that the tread is low and you need new tyres. You should check the center of the tread as well as edges on both sides to check uneven wear. There may be vibrations and uneven driving if your tyres are unevenly weared.

Purchasing tyres before winters is a good option. The surface area increases when tyres wear down. This gives tyres a better traction in dry conditions. On the other hand, tyres could be more dangerous in cold or icy weather. New tyres will provide you with better traction during winters.

Types of Tires

  • All season tyres – These tyres can be bought at economical prices. They suit all kinds of moderate weather conditions. But, you should go for specialized tyres in the presence of extreme weather conditions.
  • Performance tyres – These types of tyres give extra ordinary performance. They are specially engineered to do so. They also have a great style and an appealing look. Sports cars or luxury vehicles usually have these types of tyres.
  • Heavy duty tyres – These types of tyres are more durable. They are usually meant for heavy vehicles undergoing constant stress or travelling on tough terrains.

Purchasing Tires

  • First of all, make sure that you buy tyres according to the terrain where you mostly drive. Knowledge about the condition of the road or terrain makes sure that you make the right choice while buying new tyres. All season tyres are usually the best choice for normal or low budget cars.
  • Go for the same type of tyre that came with the car. Every measurement, design information, style, design, brand and rating is printed on the tyre. Try to buy a tyre with same specifications as the old one.
  • Do not try to install tyres on your own. Have them professionally installed from an auto shop. They have specially designed machines and well trained staff to change the tyres of your car. This saves you from any sort of damage and the tyres are properly aligned.
  • Check inflation regularly. Also get some information about changing tyres in case of an emergency.
  • The most important thing to do while buying tyres is to compare different brands and checking prices. Many companies like Easy Wheels have their own websites where you can visit to check prices and even buy tyres.
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