4 Awesome Phone Accessories For Your Car

4 Awesome Phone Accessories For Your Car

These days, so-called ‘smartphones’ have become an essential purchase for most people in the UK and the United States. Not only do they offer everything a traditional mobile phone would deliver, but the inception and integration of smartphone application (or ‘apps’) means they can boast near unlimited functionality. Whether you want a satellite navigation system, a mobile gaming platform or an on-the-go media centre, your smartphone can deliver via an app.

As a result, smartphones have become extremely useful in the car, offering you hands-free communication, detailed directions and on-the-go entertainment (in the form of music, video and radio). It’s no surprise then that smartphone accessories aimed at the car have seen an exponential rise in popularity all over the world; so with that in mind, here’s four modern phone accessories for your car aimed at making your phone-vehicle integration even easier.

The Exogear Phone Mount


This extremely cool-looking phone mount not only offers a secure grip for your mobile phone, but it will fit nearly any modern smartphone (making it an ideal gift). Connecting to your windscreen via a firm suction-cup, it’s removable with one flick making it ideal for taking with you (an important element in the modern age of thieves targeting in-car possessions).

Griffin Window Seat

A more expensive alternative to the Exogear mount, the Griffin Window Seat allows completely customisable placement on your windscreen, meaning you can position your phone at the ideal level and angle for viewing maps without taking your eyes off the road. An added benefit to the Window Seat is that it comes with a built in microphone allowing you to make phonecalls on the go, or (if you’re lucky enough to have something like Siri) dictating text messages while you’re driving.

Jabra In-Car Speaker

The Jabra in-car speaker is ideal for those who require hands-free mobile communication, without having to deal with Bluetooth headphones or wired microphones. Featuring a three-speaker stereo system, the Jabra can also deliver a surprising competent surround sound system for your music, as well as impressively clear phonecalls.

Gear4 Dual USB Charger

It might look like a relatively simple device, but speaking as an owner of this gadget, it’s extremely useful and one of my favourite in-car gadgets. Utilising the power from your car’s cigarette lighter, the Gear4 can charge two mobile devices at once, making it a must-have for any tech-savvy gadget fan.

Guest post by Peter from BusinessMobiles.co.uk – the place to go to find the cheapest tariffs and contracts for your business phones.

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