Securing a Car Loan for Your New Car

Securing a Car Loan for Your New Car

Over the last 5 years we’ve all been feeling the pinch of the recession and many of us have been struggling to save the money or secure a loan for new cars. While in some ways a car is a luxury item the reality is that it’s a necessity for most of us. Travelling to work and generally getting around are absolutely vital for modern life. Many of us have struggled to raise the capital to pay for a car and many of us with less than perfect credit ratings have been unable to secure the loans we need to secure a new car.

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Thankfully though things have changed and the situation is improving. According to a recent report on the news network KJCT8 the financial situation is beginning to improve and personal loans for cars are beginning to become more readily available. This is great news for consumers who have been struggling to meet their own needs.

The recession meant that, overnight, credit suddenly became expensive. Banks and other lenders decided that the risks associated with credit were much higher. The whole financial world suddenly tightened its wallets and it seemed like the age of rampant cheap credit was finally over. The last five years have made everything a huge struggle for people with our own budgets and finances increasingly being constrained by hew more expensive forms of credit. When it comes to personal loans many of us have been unable to get one and many of us who have previously has issues with credit have struggled to attain even very small loans towards cars. We have, unfortunately, been classified as “high risk” but thankfully things are changing. With that in mind we decided to offer some advice on securing a car loan.

When you’re looking at providers like you want to read their term carefully to see whether you might be considered high risk. Once you’ve done this we’d recommend you get a free credit report from one of the many providers operating around the world. A credit report will tell you exactly what your potential to get new credit is and it will warn you of any problems or black marks on your credit history. If you find you have a less than ideal credit rating, there are a number of steps you can take to improve it. Firstly, you can start building a positive credit rating by using a credit card. This may seem a silly situation but the more you use credit and repay it on time the higher you credit rating will become. It is a good idea to set up one or more of your bills to be paid by credit card and then pay them by direct debit each month. This will quickly build up a positive credit rating. Secondly, the more capita you can put towards your car the less your loan will have to be for; so you will get a smaller loan and be deemed at lower risk of default.

Combined these two factors will make it much more likely for you to secure the car loan you need. The last important factor though is to choose a car that is within your means. It is easy to spend more on a car than you really need so we’d recommend you spend some time calculating your usage of a car and the actual size, power and specs you need. It’s a fairly simple process but look at how far you travel each year and what you use a car for. If you do this then you might find you don’t need a new car at the specs you thought as a cheaper second hand car might still have a good enough lifespan to meet your needs. If you do all these things not only will you get a better car but you’ll also find it much easier to secure a car loan!

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