New ways of recycling your car safely and efficiently

New ways of recycling your car safely and efficiently

An increasing number of motorists are choosing to scrap their vehicles in favour of owning a more fuel and carbon efficient set of wheels. Some people have no choice but to scrap their car if it has been written-off in an accident or has simply become too expensive to repair.

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In the past it has simply been a case of dumping an end-of-life vehicle at a scrap yard without a care in the world. However, it is now possible to dispose and recycle cars in an environmentally fashion.

In the UK particularly, car recycling has become a growing phenomenon. An increasing number of people are telling their friends “I’m going to scrap my car and do my bit for the wider environment.”

Over two million cars are recycled a year in Britain in line with the Environment Agency’s end-of-life vehicle directive.

Vehicle depollution

Borne out of the demand from environmentalists and manufacturers alike, the vehicle depollution process is fast-expanding, with a number of vehicle recycling specialists introducing new and improved treatment processes. These are designed to meet new levels as stipulated by the end-of-life vehicle directive.

Development of used car parts market

There has been a significant expansion of the second hand car parts market in recent years. For instance, at vehicle recycling experts ASM Auto Recycling they house over 250,000 parts for a variety of makes and models. For many, purchasing a second hand car part makes financial sense rather than paying through the nose for a brand new part to be fitted into a second-hand car.

Call upon scrap car transporters

There will be some instances where you simply cannot transport your end-of-life vehicle to the scrap yard or the vehicle recycling site. As a result many firms also offer a vehicle transportation service, where they can collect your car for scrap from home or even your place of work. This means you don’t have to lift a finger and you can still get cash for your old car.

Sophisticated vehicle storage

Most auto recycling specialists also have the facility to stock damaged-repairable and end-of-life vehicles on their premises. Vehicle storage is arguably the safest method of storing end-of-life cars, storing them securely, free from water and structural damage ready to be recycled and scrapped.

These recycling techniques are only going to improve with greater refinement in the future, ensuring that future generations are not hampered by our vehicle usage today.

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