11 reasons to buy a new car

11 reasons to buy a new car

With global demand for automobiles in a slump, now could be the ideal time for buyers with the cash to invest in a cheap new car. Dealers like Evans Halshaw have a great selection of used and new vehicles, and it only takes a few moments to see your options. Here are some of the best reasons for getting a new ride:

1. Huge choice

Britain’s car market is among the most competitive in the world, meaning dealers and manufacturers alike are constantly bringing innovative new products to the market.

2. Great deals

In the current climate, dealers will be only too happy to make a sale if they can see you’re serious about buying. Use this to your advantage and see how many free extras you can get added on!

3. Save on MOTs for three years

New cars don’t need an MOT for the first three years that they’re on the road, saving you time and money.

4. You’re in control

When you’re buying a new car, you can specify everything about it – from the colour of the bodywork to the interiors and trim. There aren’t many purchases that you can personalise this much!

5. More eco-friendly

New cars have a much lower carbon footprint than older models, as the industry strives to be cleaner and greener. Better still, this means lower road tax. For an overview of the UK’s tax prices click here

6. Safer designs

Vehicle safety has been at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds for years, and the newest models are some of the safest yet, with features like antilock brake systems and traction control.

7. More reliable

A new car has no possibility of having rust or a dodgy engine under the bonnet – and some dealers will offer a five-year warranty in case of any problems.

8. The latest gadgets

Cruise control, Bluetooth capabilities and iPod integration are just some of the benefits of keeping your car up to date, making it fit seamlessly with the other gadgets you use every day.

9. Price guarantee

Choosing a dealer means you get a five-day guarantee that they’ll refund you the price difference if you find a like-for-like purchase cheaper elsewhere.

10. No hidden history

A brand new car means there’s no chance of it having a dodgy history or outstanding finance on it – you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re getting what you pay for.

11. Prestige

Nothing impresses the neighbours like a new car, and every motorist should feel the satisfaction of having the latest model and number plate at least once in their lives!

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