Jaguar to Release F-Type Sports Car

Jaguar to Release F-Type Sports Car

If you had a dream about a car that floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee, and looked like automotive quicksilver, there’s a good chance Jaguar’s C-X16 concept car (dubbed the F-Type) would come close to the real-world embodiment of that vision. And as it happens, Jaguar is touting it as their “compelling vision for a 21st century Jaguar sports car”. Sadly, it is not a dream you’ll be able to realize until next year, when the production model is released for sale mid-2013. But here are a few tidbits to hold you over.

In truth, little information of substance has yet to surface about Jaguar’s latest in a long line of incredible sports cars. The concept car debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September to critical acclaim, which prompted the British car company (now owned by Indian automotive corporation Tata Motors) to step up the pace on the production cycle, with the completed consumer model set to be unveiled later this year and retail models slated to hit showroom floors in 2013 (most concept cars take several years to move into the production phase, and many never make it to the assembly line at all).

But Jaguar is nothing if not a company geared towards giving consumers what they want in the way of automotive excellence, especially if the bidders are willing to pay top dollar. Historically, their cars display all the hallmarks of the animal for which they were named. Armed with feline agility, sleek and sensual styling, and purring motors that can leap into action at the slightest provocation (the tap of an accelerator, say), Jaguar has long been known to produce automobiles that earn high marks for both performance and style. Throw in comfort, class, and cost (all on the high end) and what you come up with is a car that nearly everyone would love to own but relatively few can obtain, making it all the more desirable.

The F-Type looks to be no different. Although the company’s brief stint under the umbrella of Ford left them with an expanded lineup of vehicles meant to appeal to a broader audience (the S-Type and X-Type were both geared towards car lovers with a couple of kids in the back), it seems that the new ownership would like to take Jaguar back to its roots of exclusivity with a sports car for a new generation. Along those lines, the C-X16 comes with a sporty, two-seat, all-aluminium convertible package and a number of petrol engine options, including a hybrid. This will mark Jaguar’s reentry into the sports car arena after a long absence and the company couldn’t be happier about the prospect, noting that the “sporting heart” of the company will return in a big way thanks to this model.

Apparently it’s time for Jag lovers to stop looking for caravan insurance quotes, relegate the old X-Type to the garage, and throw on some goggles for a road trip sans the kiddies. Of course, you will have to wait until next year to get your hands on this beauty, and it will likely cost more than the average person makes in a year, but for diehard fans of Jaguar that have missed the sportier vehicles in the company’s lineup, no amount of time or money is too much.

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