Meet Eco-Surfer, Another Fisker Surf Concept

Meet Eco-Surfer, Another Fisker Surf Concept

Having introduced the Karma model on the market, Fisker company announces they are about to launch another model of the car, designed for the surfers! However, the vehicle can gain popularity also with some other target group. The new car is called Fisker Surf. Henry Fisker, the designer of the vehicle claims, that it was built for the active people, who like driving beautiful cars and care about the environment.

Fisker Karma Surf

Fisker Automotive has created the first electric automobile, which combines luxury and sporty line in one. The Fisker Surf benefits from the success of the ice-breaking Karma Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer™) by equipping the automobile with some extra, flexible load-carrying capability, along with a new, one of its kind, spirited attitude. The Fisker Surf stands for performance, utility and economy, followed by enduring concern for the sustainable use of resources and a respect for our natural environment.

The entire powertrain, chassis and interior design are identical with those of Karma sedan. The only difference is that the Surf’s major cabin has the additional room in a back, for a couple of adults.

Designer and CEO Fisker also reveals the predictions, that the Surf should do well in Europe, the continent known for its fondness of larger premium wagons. Fisker is looking forward to selling 3.500 models per year, which seems very ambitious.

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