Does the Chevy Volt Still Have a Future?

Does the Chevy Volt Still Have a Future?

Sometimes, even the grandest of executed plans have their challenges. Take the Chevy Volt, for instance. If you’ve never seen this sleek plug-in hybrid, it really is a great modern-looking car. The reports on its performance are good and the design is considered to be highly-innovative. And yet, last month all it sold was 1,000 units…nationally.

That’s close to record-breaking sales, but not in a good way.

And so, General Motors has decided that for the next month or so, it will be halting production of this particular model. Well, to be fair, they’re not exactly saying that the poor sales and the stopping of making the model are actually going hand-in-hand. Maybe it’s just that, to the conscious observer, it appears to be that way.

Something else that seems a bit hard to go unnoticed is that last year, the Volt sales weren’t at their best, either. There are a couple of speculations as to why that may have been the case. For one, even for a hybrid, especially in this economy, the Volt is considered to be a pretty expensive vehicle. With the ticket price of right around $40,000, that makes it almost double the cost of a Toyota Prius. Also, it hasn’t gotten the best press. Last year, there was a “leak” (no pun intended) in the media that a crash-test actually ended in a fire.

That’s not to say that GM hasn’t done its best to make us forget about that incident. Since, there has been a pretty big advertising push including a cute alien-featured commercial that aired during the 2012 Super Bowl. Close, but no cigar. While they have done a fair job of attracting people to their dealerships nationwide, even if customers were interested, initially, in the Volt, more sales have been made via another GM model: the Chevy Cruze. It’s simply a four-cylinder engine compact vehicle, but it’s also high performing and gets approximately 42 miles to the gallon. For these reasons, the Cruze was actually one of the best-selling vehicles during a quarter in 2011. Even now, it continues to give foreign favorites, Honda and Toyota a run for their money and mileage.

For all of these reasons, the Volt has been on a pretty bumpy road; although, in fairness, the American economy hasn’t been the best and it’s challenging for basically all car companies to move some automobiles from their showrooms. Indeed, car hire USA has had its obstacles. Of course, we haven’t read about many companies stopping production, either so that does send yet another odd PR message when it comes to the Volt. Time will have to reveal what it all really means.

Whatever it is that GM decides to do with their plug-hybrid volt, one thing that is a pretty safe assumption is that they know what they’ve been doing is not working; more specifically, when it comes to the price of the car. If they want to make some car sales, the Volt may need to do just that: go on sale. But like any real close football game, maybe this pause in production is halftime. Maybe, just maybe, GM will be back with the Volt strategy that is stronger and better than ever.

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