Company Car Leasing: A Quick Guide

Company Car Leasing: A Quick Guide

Over the past few years businesses have been veering away from the traditional methods of acquiring a company car. Much like private individuals businesses are now trying out alternate ways of acquiring vehicles for their staff, one such way is company car leasing.

There has been a definite decline in outright vehicle purchases in recent years and many people have attributed it to the current financial climate in the UK. Whilst this isn’t entirely untrue there is much more to leasing than this. Businesses decide to go with leasing deals because of the high number of advantages available when doing so.

Company Car Leasing

As many of you probably know, leasing is basically the long-term rental of a vehicle. This can very often prove to be more cost-effective than purchasing a vehicle via lump sum payment. In companies where employees need to drive vehicles regularly then this could end up being immensely beneficial.

Staff that have access to company cars will discover how ideal they are, leased cars are perfect for motorway travel, long commutes and going to and from meetings.

Another highly important aspect to consider is image, company cars provide a business with a professional and prestigious image. Maintaining a fleet of company cars projects an overall image of quality and positivity which can sometimes make-or-break a deal with potential clients.

It’s simple to see how beneficial a company car lease can be to a business. If you find your interest peaked or believe that your business can really take advantage of what’s on offer then perform a little more research and see if it’s suitable – you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

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