Car accident abroad services provided by Irwin Mitchell

Car accident abroad services provided by Irwin Mitchell

Regrettably, thousands of personal injuries are suffered every year by people, while they are abroad – whether for holidays or for business. The injuries that people suffer can range from the fairly standard, minor injuries that occur as a result of slips, trips and falls, which are commonplace in any location, to much more serious – but thankfully less common – ones that happen as a result of far more serious vehicle crashes. This can mean air, rail, sea or road-based crashes, but the most common type of crash experienced by people while they are abroad is car accidents.

Car accident

Many people suffering a road accident while in a foreign country may be under the impression that they do not have the same legal rights in terms of pursuing road accident claims for compensation – even if the crash and injuries resulted from the negligence of another driver – but this is not the case.

Personal injury law does vary from one country to another, but the vast majority of the places Britons are likely to visit offer legal protection to those who have suffered a road injury as a result of negligence. While their will be perfectly competent legal firms available in the country where you experienced the accident, utilising one of these can create problems for many UK residents due to issues of language barriers. Therefore the best solution for many is to find a law firm based in the UK, but with an international reputation and which employs lawyers with experience in, and knowledge of, international personal injury law.

This is one of the major things that Irwin Mitchell has to offer those who suffer injury in a road accident while abroad. The company also aims to provide a sensitive service to those who have experienced serious injury – either to themselves or to a loved one – in such an accident.

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