5 Things to Do in Fiji

5 Things to Do in Fiji

So, you’ve booked that Fiji holiday and now all you can think about while you’re at work is throwing off the shackles of your office and setting off for a few weeks of sun, surf, sand and cocktails. Lucky you! To help you while away the weeks or months until that holiday comes around, here’s a list of things you absolutely must experience while you’re there…start counting down the days!

Beachcomber island Fiji


The waters around Fiji are pristine and sheltered by surrounding islands, which makes them perfect for snorkeling and checking out the range of beautiful marine life under the surface. With temperatures staying solidly above 25 degrees Celsius all year round, you can bet that a little splash in the sea will be just what the doctor ordered as well!

Visit a Village

Fijian villages are spread over many of the islands that make up the nation, which means that while Fiji is technically governed by a president, many of the rural villages still have chiefs and run semi-independently in a much more traditional way. Visiting one of these villages is a must to understand Fijian tribal culture, but remember to pay respect to the chief by taking off your hat in his presence.

beautiful beach on Fiji

Kava Ceremony

You might decide not to partake of kava, the traditional drink brewed from a narcotic root with a mild sedative effect, but that’s no reason not to witness a kava ceremony, the tradition that has been going on in the South Pacific for centuries. A kava ceremony takes in ancient rituals and is a way of welcoming people to the village—and if you decide you life the effect of kava, you might just decide to stick around for a while! Be warned, however, people often describe the drink as tasting like mud, so if you’re expecting a fruit cocktail, don’t.

Watch a Sunset

The white sand, calm, peaceful water and position in the South Pacific make Fijian sunsets a true sight to behold. Find yourself a vantage point and head there with someone special and a bottle of wine, and pinch yourself to remind yourself you’re not dreaming, because the view is not of this world.


Because Fiji is spread over so many islands, the best way to properly experience is by Fiji cruise. Take a sailboat, yacht or ferry around the islands and get a feel for just how beautiful the surrounds really are. Some of Fijis islands are uninhabited, making them as close as you’re ever going to get to that deserted island fantasy. Take a book, your swimmers and some sunscreen and lounge around in the knowledge that you’re experiencing your own personal version of the film Castaway—minus Tom Hanks and a strange soccer ball, of course.

Fiji is somewhere you’re not likely to forget. Whether you’re setting out on an adventure or just taking in the impossible beauty of the islands and the sea, its people, vistas and vibe will leave you enchanted.

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