The Quick and Easy Guide to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

The Quick and Easy Guide to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is essentially the long-term rental of a vehicle, paid for via monthly payments. In its most basic form it’s fairly simple to understand but there are some other aspects that should also be covered.

First of all why is PCP beneficial, why should you care about it? A lot of people probably believe that simply purchasing a car outright is the ideal way of acquiring one. Nowadays however, this method is steadily declining. More and more people are deciding to finance or lease their vehicle with options like PCP.

There are many reasons why, for example; paying monthly is a lot easier to budget and the fact that many people acquire PCP online means that you can spend a lot more time researching the car etc.

If you’re interested in PCP then the first step to take is to request a quote. This is a simple yet essential part of the process and allows you to gauge the price range that you’ll be working in for a particular vehicle. It’s best to request from several dealerships so you can explore all options and have a wider range of choice.

If you’re happy with a quote and decide to move on to the next stage you’ll have to negotiate a contract. Several things factor in to the monthly payments you make including your estimated fuel consumption and the value of the car once your term has finished.

So there it is, PCP isn’t as hard as you maybe thought it was. So long as you ensure that you’ve done all the research you need to then you’ll certainly find the best deal possible!

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