<title> Thorough Lab Tests Don’t Lie: John Deere 8295R Appointed As the Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle</title>

Thorough Lab Tests Don’t Lie: John Deere 8295R Appointed As the Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Have you ever wondered which tractor is the most fuel – efficient out of the vehicles offered on the market? Well, you can stop now, as the Farm Industry News has recently announced the winner of the top 40 countdown to the most fuel-efficient tractor of the last 10 years: the John Deere 8295R.
The magazine has prepared the list of the most powerful, yet fuel – efficient tractors with the support of Nebraska Tractor Test lab. All the ratings have been based on the PTO test at rated engine speed. The data was gathered from all the test results obtained within the past decade.
Since the day all the tractor manufacturers announced how they are going to follow the EPA’s new clean air standards, the so-called Big 3 – John Deere, AGCO and CNH have been competing to produce the best tractor on fuel. AGCO, Case IH and New Holland has gone for the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, as the best way to comply with the Tier 4i emissions standards and still handle fuel economy. Deere, however, is more likely to use the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology for the same reasons.

Roger Hoy, the professor and director of the Nebraska Tractor Tech Lab claims that every day he receives lots of phone calls from farmers, who would like to know the way a particular model performs on fuel. Apparently, confusion occurs when companies introduce different test numbers to back their claim, which results in preventing apples-to-apples comparison. For instance, technicians measure power and fuel use at both the PTO bar and at varying rates of power and pull in order to recreate the full spectrum of field conditions. And Tier 4i has only complicated the issue, Hoy says. It is still not specified how to deal with diesel fuel expended for regenerations in the EGR system, promoted by Deere and what to do with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumed with SCR systems and promoted by CNH and AGCO.
Hoy helped Farm Industry News with getting through all these variables to come with a Top 40 ranking on fuel. The rankings are based on the PTO test at rated engine speed which seems to be a good indicator, as it is calculated for all tractors and it is always run at the maximum level. The rankings include all models tested within the last decade, including several 2011 models that have Tier 4i engines. Out of all the models tested, there finally came the winner: the John Deere 8295R.

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