Bridgestone Calls Developers for Brand Campaigning

Bridgestone Calls Developers for Brand Campaigning

Nothing really works for companies if they don’t promote their products in the right way but companies today know that they have to do more than just marketing for their products because people today are looking for the best options that they have on their side. Hence, many companies come up with their brand campaigns that not only help them to market their products but also help them to know more about what consumers really want from them. Bridgestone has been one of the leading names in car tire world and there have recently announced their new brand campaign that they call Performance Moments.

Bridgestone Americas Launches New Performance-Focused Brand Campaign

The company said that Bridgestone Americas launches new performance focused brand campaign that is called Time to Perform and that it will help them to come up with better products and technologies in the future. The company is recently working with different developers to understand how they can improve their products and bring something really interesting for their consumers. Bridgestone has been working with professionals and experts that can help car lovers to improve the performance of their vehicles whenever they want it. Hence, they are trying to bring in new technologies with the help of developers who have good ideas on their side.

Bridgestone also revealed that they are also looking forward to the new advertisements that they have been looking to release on the Super Bowl event. The company mentioned about the new Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas brand campaign and said that they have decided to launch five new ads on the Super Bowl event and will be aired on NBC for the first time on Sunday, February 5, 2012. The company also said that all the ads will have sports personalities showing how certain attributes in their products will help consumers to improve the performance of their vehicles.

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