5 Top Towing Vehicles

5 Top Towing Vehicles

5 Top Towing Vehicles

When trying out a tow vehicle most people will take the opportunity to go for a 5 minute test drive but they probably won’t even get out of third gear. This is just simply not enough information on which to base a decision about a tow vehicle because they need to be packed with power to carry that extra weight. Every aspect down to how easy it is to change the bearings needs to be considered because your tow vehicle will take a beating from everything you ask it to do. Choosing one with the right level of power that can be maintained with a UTE Toolbox will be far better than investing in one which requires a service to get the oil changed.

This article will consider the results of a test on 5 vehicles over a full day of towing. Each vehicle was towing 2300kg of caravan and the results are very surprising:

5. Nissan Patrol

Having been around for a long time, the Nissan Patrol was expected to perform well but it was surprisingly disappointing. Despite its large size, the vehicle really lacked the ability to provide the necessary power. The drive was very bumpy and the general comfort of the vehicle seemed nice at first but ended up lacking after a long period.

The frustrating GPS appears to be a touch screen but is actually operated by remote control, as if you couldn’t reach it from the driver’s seat. The size of the vehicle meant there was never any risk of losing control of the caravan and the handling was good. The real let down for this vehicle was the lack of power from the engine, even with the power button on.

4. Ford Fairmont GHIA

The Ford Fairmont is a 2WD option which was tested because many caravan owners do not own a 4WD. The car actually turned out to be a good option with plenty of power and a towing capacity of 2300kg. The low ride made the journey more comfortable but the caravan was not as stable as it was with the other vehicles. It was never a danger but it just wasn’t as stable. All in all the Fairmont GHIA turned out to be an excellent towing vehicle considering it was the only 2WD option.

3. Toyota Prado

The Prado looks perfect in every aspect but it has been overly softened and has become more of a shopping car than a towing vehicle. The ride is too jumpy to tow comfortably and it just didn’t have the punch expected of it. Whilst the drive was comfortable, it was difficult and required a lot of concentration to maintain revs properly.

2. Toyota LandCruiser

The LandCruiser was always expected to do well and it really did. It had the best power and stability. It was also the fastest to reach 100km, however, there were limitations to the vehicle. Vision was often impaired by the structure of the vehicle and the fuel consumption was far too high. Whilst this is a very comfortable drive which can outstrip almost anything in a towing competition, it is not a practical day to day car as well.

  1. 1. Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed

Everything about the drive of this vehicle was impressive. From the visibility to the adjustability of the driver’s seat, everything was built for comfort and usability. The drive was very good with enough power, good handling and good stability.

This car can also easily be translated into a day to day shopping vehicle without any discomfort. Looking for something that wasn’t good about this vehicle only turned up the difficulty to locate fuel release, but I imagine you’d soon learn where it is. This car is an excellent towing vehicle and a comfortable drive for everyday use.

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