<title> Porsche in a French Way</title>

Porsche in a French Way

France is a country famous for its wine, baguettes and delicious cheese. We, however, the moto fans, associate France rather with sofa Citroens and Renaults. The Delavilla tuning house is doing its best to compete with that image and converted the German Cayman Porsche into Le Porsche Caymanee. Delavilla was extablished in 2007 and it focuses solely on Porsche models. The company is also preoccupied with tuning for the Speedster, the Cayenne SUV and Panamera saloon, with more details to be released at some further date.

The coupe model was revealed at the 2011 at the 2011 Lyon International Motor Show. At the first glimpse, Porsche Cayman can confuse the audience as they may wonder what kind of car it actually is. The team of the French tuner has done a great job. They have changed the line of the car which actually looks improved: the wide bodykit of wings and bumpers gives the vehicle more masculine style. The makeover helped to distract the attention from the rear of the car, which is not very impressive. Some further modifications includes a bespoke set of quad tail pipes, LED daytime running lights and larger multispoke alloy wheels. Delavilla makes a point that it offers a great number of options, from scissor-style door with a fingerprint recognition system to the transparent engine cover. As for the interiors, there is a pair of bucket seats along with Alcantara trim on the steering wheel and gear level.

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