How to Buy a Car

How to Buy a Car

For someone who has never bought a car it can be a daunting and confusing experience. Buying a car is actually pretty straight forward once you have learnt what all the lingo means. This article will consider everything from finding a used car to addressing any problems after you have bought it.

  1. 1. New or Used

There are obvious benefits and disadvantages to buying both new and used cars. A new car will depreciate massively when you drive it off of the lot but a used car could already have problems. If you are buying a used car then you need to know everything about its history. It is important to check if it has ever been in an accident, how many previous owners it has had, what its mechanical history is, and the service history of the vehicle.

It isn’t all bad though, when buying a used car it is frequent that you will benefit from recent repairs like wheel alignments and bearing replacements. All of this is done to improve the initial drive of the car for the sale but it does improve the car nonetheless. Used cars may also come with non-standard features like a turbo or a UTE Toolbox but it is important to consider how these additions may affect your insurance.

  1. 2. Where to look

You can either look at classifieds or visit a used car dealership when buying a used car. Whichever you decide to do it is important to follow some simple steps.

  • Get a mechanic to check the car over for you.
  • Run a vehicle report to see if the car has any accident history.
  • Never sign an ‘as is’ agreement. You should have a minimum of 30 days to see if the car is in fit working order, if you sign this agreement then as soon as you are off the lot the car is your problem.
  • Have your finances in order before you go to buy the car.
  1. 3. Cars and the internet

There is no doubt that the internet is a good tool for car research. Start out by looking at manufacturer’s websites to see what options are available. You can then begin to consider the possible options of cars which are for sale online. No matter what you do, do not buy a car online without seeing and driving it first. It is vitally important to check the condition of a car before paying for it.

  1. 4. Be realistic

When looking to buy a car one of the easiest mistakes to make is to overreach your budget. If you are unable to afford a car then you should not fantasise about it. Be realistic about what you can afford and consider all of the costs of running a car. The initial expenditure is minimal compared to the responsibility of maintaining and running a car throughout the year. Consider the road tax and the fuel because these costs will build up.

  1. 5. Making a purchase

When making a purchase it is important to remember that car dealers are aiming to make the most profit they can from you. Be sure to do your research and know what other dealers are offering cars for so that you can make the deal on your terms. There should be no unnecessary fees and you do not have to pass over any details about yourself until the deal is made. Remember your rights and barter to get the best deal you possibly can.

  1. 6. After purchase

The best way to arm yourself against any problems is to do your research and know what you are agreeing to. Read all warranty agreements and know what they cover before you make the purchase. There is always a path of recourse when buying a car, but to win an argument about a faulty car being sold you will need to have done the work to justify the case. By preparing yourself against the worst you can prevent the purchase of a poor vehicle and leave as a happy customer in your new car.

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