Top Five Mercedes Trucks

Top Five Mercedes Trucks

Top Five Mercedes Trucks
Mercedes-Benz is widely recognized as one of the best vehicle manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Their designs consistently rank high in specialized literature, magazines, yearly charts and online tops, on all counts. They are usually regarded as good value, efficient, robust, sleekly designed, and their true worth is said to lie in their incredibly powerful engines. If you think this strictly applies to Mercedes vehicles that are traditionally used for personal purposes, think again. Mercedes trucks are probably the best around. However, determining what models are the best of the best—that is, what is the highest ranking Mercedes Benz truck—is no easy feat. We’ve ranked them according to several.

Top Five Mercedes Trucks

1. Mercedes Benz Atego
The Atego is a light rigid truck range first launched by Mercedes Benz in 1997. It weighs anywhere in between 7.5 to 16 metric tons and is powered by a straight engine, either with four or six cylinders. The Atego spun off the Axor in 2005. Interestingly enough, these trucks are also used for racing, but only special models, produced in Switzerland, can partake.

2. Mercedes Benz Axor
The Axor is no longer produced, but, in its heyday, it was a highly appreciated lightweight truck. Initially, it was designed to fill in a gap, between the rigid Ategos and the premium tractor trailers of the Actros. Mostly aimed at fleets, it was powered by a twelve liter straight six cylinder engine. It has been described as simple to drive, thanks to the manual gear-shift. Alternatively, it can come equipped with an Electronic Power Shift system, or a fully automatic box.

3. Mercedes Benz Actros
The Actros is not a truck per se, since its flexible structure qualifies it as a tractor. The heavy duty model was introduced in 1995, to be mostly used for long distance haulage, heavy duty supply distribution and the haulage of constructions. Its weight range starts at 18 tons. The vehicle is powered by a sophisticated V6 or V8 cylinder diesel engine, also equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler.

4. Mercedes Benz Zetros
This fierce looking vehicle is an off-road truck designed to complete difficult operations in extreme settings. It was first launched in Paris, in 2008 and specifically targets the defense industry. Due to its purpose, it is compatible with Hercules C-130 transport and fits inside a German railway carriage. It comes with a 326 horsepower engine and all-wheel drive. The four-by-four model can accommodate a payload of up to 6,000 kilos, while the six-by-six can carry as much as ten tons.

5. Mercedes Benz Unimog
The Unimog is a multi-purpose four-wheel drive medium truck, mostly used for special operations. Its long standing history began in 1951. The first model was designed shortly after World War II and was specifically built for agriculture. Nowadays, they cruise jungles, mountains and deserts alike and are used as military vehicles, fire fighters’ trucks, or expedition campers. However, go to Western Europe, and you’ll easily spot them downtown, ploughing the snow. These versatile vehicles are even raced in truck trials and Dakar rally raids!

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