<title> The Essential Winter Car Checklist for Safe Driving in Snowy Weather</title>

The Essential Winter Car Checklist for Safe Driving in Snowy Weather

The Essential Winter Car Checklist for Safe Driving in Snowy Weather

Have you had your winter car check yet? No?! What are you waiting for, getting snowed in? Christmas is almost upon us, and those of us who live in colder climates know all about the beauty of this immaculate season. Unfortunately, we are also painfully aware of what it’s like to be stuck in the snow for hours, to have you windshield wipers freeze in mid-motion or to hit the roads with the seasonally inappropriate kind of tires. You definitely want to avoid any of those nuisances, and, to this end, we have prepared a checklist of items that you need to make sure are in good working order before this year’s first snow. Remember, none of the items on the list are optional. If you want to drive safe this winter, you must go through each and every single one of them. Every season has its particularities, but winter is definitely the toughest one of them all on your car, and so, as the saying goes, you’d better be safe than sorry.

Any winter car check starts with making sure that your car is protected for winter by the antifreeze. This substance protects your radiator, since it mixes with an equal amount of water inside the car. You do not want your car radiator to freeze over or choke. Consequently, either have the antifreeze checked at the closest service station, or buy your own tester to perform the operation at home.

Good winter tires need deep treads, which will prevent your vehicle from skidding on ice and snow. According to the provisions of the National Highway Transportation Safety board, winter tire tread depth needs to be at least 2/32”. However, it is recommended to spring for more expensive, yet safer tires, with a tread depth of 1/8”. Place a penny before you car, then brake and check to see where the tire marks end. If they’re close, yet don’t touch the penny, then you’re ready for winter. If the penny’s been run over, look into new tires. It’s definitely worth the investment.

If your windshield wipers are old and worn out, buy yourself a couple of new ones for this year’s winter car check. Heavy snowfall with bad wipers spells out one thing – visibility that is close to nil. In addition to snow, the other cars driving past you will fling salt, used for melting away snow, right onto your windshield. Salt is corrosive and will substantially reduce the wipers’ life span, so you will definitely need good, sturdy new ones for winter.

Windshield Fluid
What’s the point of equipping your car with top-notch windshield wipers when there’s no windshield cleaner fluid in the tank? Also, picture the following, highly likely scenario for winter: the traffic is close to stuck and you have to spend the hour from hell driving behind a truck or an SUV. With no option to clean your windshield, you will soon completely lose visibility. The important thing here is to never fill the washer fluid tank with water, or any other type of liquid. Windshield cleaner fluid has been especially devised against freezing. Water, on the other hand, will definitely freeze.

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